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File 135555290680.jpg - (51.64KB , 500x710 , Yukari.jpg )
97 No. 97 ID: 6addc2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Why is she so perfect?
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>> No. 115 ID: 9a0355
File 135616303861.jpg - (107.07KB , 341x535 , 1356008292928.jpg )
>> No. 120 ID: f03502
Because she's /ak/'s dream girl/daughter.
>> No. 393 ID: 5fdef7
File 136722871299.jpg - (239.69KB , 1037x1500 , 1367138222345.jpg )

File 135610575176.png - (1.24MB , 1109x615 , hist.png )
114 No. 114 ID: 3cc224 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
If you wanna be crazy, be crazy with your friends. If you wanna be weird, be weird with your friends.
If you wanna shoot some tanks, shoot them with a StuGIII.
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>> No. 363 ID: 9fe488
Could be, cant really deny it
>> No. 382 ID: 5ef3e3
Takeko nogami is pretty much normal when she's with other girls.
>> No. 386 ID: 1b0d67
swap her with Yukari?

File 13511073899.png - (1.19MB , 1280x720 , thesize.png )
36 No. 36 ID: 12cb96 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Saw this on /a/ and can't get it out of my mind.

WTF man?
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>> No. 378 ID: 8f0e83
However, following the war, the call to conduct education aboard brand-new academy ships were made to foster talents with global view, to have them develop a sense of independence and for them to be self-governing, so that they can face the upcoming global society. These new academy ships were much larger than the ships before, and were made with 50 cubic meter sized hollow brick modules forming into the shape of a ship.
The reason why that the Ooarai academy ship would bear such uncanny resemblance to that of aircraft carriers was due to that it was made following the designs of the Unryū-class carrier Amagi, which capsized over the port of Kure. This block construct, with its ample space, can be used in a variety of roles, and was quite fitting in hosting Senshado tournaments, while being easy to relocate to other locations; academy ships had become indispensible to Senshado.
>> No. 379 ID: 78fa03
What the hell, wall of text
>> No. 380 ID: 8f0e83
A fascinating wall of text.
tl;dr Academy ships trace their history all the way back to the first century.

File 136366026195.jpg - (140.02KB , 960x540 , 1363647762131.jpg )
296 No. 296 ID: 5a12a9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Are you ready for GuP episode 11?

It aired just recently!

No subs yet, but here's a raw:
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>> No. 342 ID: 7d9ca4

...hiding their Trump card in an area where they don't expect to fight... you mean out of the way, in reserve, to be called up in the unlikely event nearly three times Oorai's number in King Tigers and Panthers and shit wasn't enough to crush them like the red-headed stepchildren they are?

No, no I can't POSSIBLY see why they might have done that...
>> No. 343 ID: 9c3e46
File 136458911915.jpg - (92.71KB , 520x531 , letmetellyouyukari1.jpg )

What good would the Maus have done out in the field? Its top speed isn't even half what Black Forest's Panthers and Tigers can do and we've seen how they move and fight in formation. The Maus - their trump card - wouldn't be able to keep up in the field or the rest of Black Forest's tanks would have to slow down to cover the Maus, eliminating the firepower, mobility, and shock power their formations have - just like real Germans.

It also makes senses to me that Maho put the Maus in the urban area because she expected Miho might try to nullify Black Forest's numbers advantage by using urban combat tactics - something which Oorai did in two of their previous matches.

Lastly, the Maus's main gun is not based off a naval gun - the KwK 144 is based on the Pak 44 anti-tank gun and was also used in the Jagdtiger. The Ratte would've used naval guns, but that because it was as big as it was impractical.
>> No. 344 ID: 78fa03
could have placed the maus at the entrance of the city, as a road block. Be the anvil to the hammer.
Don't need to conceal its self if it can bounce all shots.

File 134819416785.jpg - (55.53KB , 397x333 , girlspanzers.jpg )
1 No. 1 ID: 3b222c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Lets see how this turns out.
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>> No. 245 ID: dc714d
they've had m3 months to make it, and they've had pretty high standards for their animation. at least it's gonna be fucking beautiful.
>> No. 246 ID: 4530c2
Well, the PV looks promising..dem shiny eyes
>> No. 248 ID: 78fa03
>Gee Black Forrest Peaks, why are you allowed 2 koenigtigers?
Fucking hax

File 135602750432.jpg - (90.38KB , 500x500 , 61pbeel8+EL.jpg )
112 No. 112 ID: 9a0355 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Track List has just been revealed:

CD 1
1. 戦車道行進曲!パンツァーフォー!
2. 乙女のたしなみ戦車道マーチ!
3. 大洗女子学園チーム前進します!
4. 戦車、乗ります!
5. 学園艦は今日も勇壮に海原を進みます!
6. 新しい朝の始まりです!
7. 転校してきて良かったです!
8. 私、モテモテで困ってます!?
9. 戦車の知識では誰にも負けません!
10. 秘めた想いに触れました!
11. おばぁに会いに行きます!
12. こんな普通の学園生活って素敵です!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 113 ID: 117f5d
The second CD....Yesss, yesss

File 135570628428.gif - (972.92KB , 312x213 , ehlxld.gif )
103 No. 103 ID: 20f2cf hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So how does everyone feel about S2 being half-confirmed?
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>> No. 108 ID: 9a0355
File 135584251930.png - (27.25KB , 263x372 , Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 11_19_40 PM.png )
The director only admit that they have problems finishing production of the last 2 episodes on time (on his blog he mentioned that even the Ep10 was just barely making the deadline), thus they need to fill the original time slot with (yet another) recap episode schedule for the 24th Dec.

Director's blog post on delays: http://blog.goo.ne.jp/mizshima1941/e/8c0b3d10579d26c232ef4999031bd95e

Since most TV programmes in JP terminate just before and during the New Year period to give way for various special programmes, and the new Spring TV season not starting until mid January, the last two episodes can only be allocated after that, thus the March-ish time-slot.

I do hope that they are using this 3 months time well to write a better ending, as I've heard rumors that the production company's high ups originally do not have high hope for this show, and they only planned it as a one season only. It is a surprise to them that this show is a big hit and is now topping the chart for BluRay pre-order.
>> No. 109 ID: 9a0355
The only hint for S2:
On the last paragraph of the director's blog post, he wrote:
(I personally believe that the Ep12 will not be the end for this show.)

(I will do my best to thank the many fans that have supported this show, somewhere, someday.)
>> No. 110 ID: 20f2cf
File 135585992865.jpg - (170.39KB , 1280x720 , 1354120630891.jpg )
Yeah. Seeing as the Actas is really small, the fact that this was such a big hit is something they didn't think was going to happen. Hell they beat out Chuunibyou and SAO with no challenge. I think this is the birth of Thank-You-based-Actas in the process.

File 135512381198.png - (19.09KB , 235x260 , just STAHP.png )
93 No. 93 ID: 20f2cf hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Welcome to The Zone...

File 135339217771.jpg - (964.33KB , 2480x1374 , Konachan_com - 148047 akiyama_yukari girls_und_pan.jpg )
76 No. 76 ID: 20f2cf hide watch quickreply [Reply]
T'S TIME /K/OMRADES! We're doing a collaboration with /a/ for:
"/ak/ Sings Enter Enter Mission!"

If you're a newb, use Vocaroo.com
If you're a pro, use Audacity and post that shit to Mediafire.

Things to remember:
-Keep background noise to an absolute minimum. This shit will be less shitty if we have this in mind.
-If your mic has anti-feedback as part of it's drivers, use that!
-Keep your music low so that isn't part of the recording

Send me your entry in an email and let's get this shit going! You have until this coming Sunday.

File 13527528965.jpg - (159.29KB , 1280x720 , [Hiryuu] Girls und Panzer 01 [Hi10P 1280x720 H264].jpg )
70 No. 70 ID: 20f2cf hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I just started watching, but I'm sad I didn't get on the tank when it started rolling. Gonna catch up today.

Fuck this show's great!
>> No. 72 ID: dc714d
It's reassuring that this show is topping sales charts for fall season. one, it means chuuni isn't at the top and 2 it means this might get a second season
>> No. 74 ID: 20f2cf
Huzzah to both of those.

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