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File 134819416785.jpg - (55.53KB , 397x333 , girlspanzers.jpg )
1 No. 1 ID: 3b222c
Lets see how this turns out.
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>> No. 34 ID: 441575
By the way, I recommend the hiryuu subs for this. In my opinion, commie really didn't do too well on this one.
>> No. 35 ID: dc714d
I gotta give them credit for this show actually spending most of its time with the panzers in the picture. I mean, it's not K-on where the premise is music and the actual show is cake. Most of the dialogue and activity in the show is actually related to tanks, and the tanks themselves are on screen for a good portion of the episode.
>> No. 42 ID: 0f25e5
The Commie Subs version gave me a slight headache with all the "german" terms that's not needed. The girls were talking in straight japanese most of the time.
>> No. 43 ID: 9c4e7b

Yeah, I couldn't even get past the first couple of minutes.
>> No. 44 ID: 78fa03
I don't get it, is this like kid's anime where they have battles for fun or something sick and twisted like they act like everything is normal but girls get killed like in real take warfare
>> No. 45 ID: 7bebb7

It's kind of weird. They're definitely using live ammo, yet nobody dies as far as I know.

Magic I guess.
>> No. 46 ID: 12cb96
AFAIK they use specified ammo, which might mean rounds that won't pierce the armor? Considering how they like to pop out of the hatch though it doesn't feel any safer
>> No. 49 ID: 7bebb7
After watching episode 4, there's apparently a impenetrable carbon "shell" inside of the tank. Also, I think those "I surrender" flags automatically pop up once a full penetration of the essentially cosmetic outer armor is detected.

It is also implied that you can actually be killed if you're hit by a tank shell if you're outside of the tank, although that should be pretty obvious.
>> No. 50 ID: d2f9dc
File 135168710482.jpg - (50.59KB , 389x584 , Capture.jpg )
The Humikane touch
>> No. 51 ID: 239478
>that dance
Why boner.
>> No. 52 ID: d2f9dc
you got bodysuit fetish?
>> No. 53 ID: d87601
I'm actually starting to like this series and characters are kinda lovable.
>> No. 54 ID: d2f9dc
File 13517754067.jpg - (41.85KB , 434x512 , kl.jpg )
Another Humikane dakimakura design
>> No. 55 ID: 7bebb7

Yeah, the series seems pretty solid so far. Likable characters, and it doesn't stray from the main focus of the show (tanks). Hopefully we get multiple seasons.
>> No. 56 ID: 6ca4b0
This how Strike Witches would've been if they didn't have that Takamura guy involved.
Although we still get the pantsu since that's the way most witches were designed. At least not at in-your-face levels.
>> No. 57 ID: 7bebb7

If only..
>> No. 58 ID: dc714d

they should get this team to do the [spoiler]502nd Anime
>> No. 59 ID: f07c24
There's an upcoming anime about the 502nd?
>> No. 60 ID: 1f9562
I love the part in the SW-movie when Pokrishkina appears and I doubt any other team can do better.

Anyway, I like GuP too.
>> No. 61 ID: 1f9562
>> No. 62 ID: dc714d

probably not but one can dream
>> No. 67 ID: 8d184b
Somehow this series is getting better and better. The character build up is not superb but good enough.

Of course the show is about Tank battles and tactics. I'm no tank buff so I wouldn't know how sensible or logical the tank battles are but this anime kinda reminds me of those Greatest Tank Battles TV shows.

The urban warfare against brit girls was great. I'm looking forward to the conclusion of the match against the Sherman girls. Then possibly against T-34s and ultimately Maho's Tiger II team if that's really the tank they're using.
>> No. 69 ID: 254887
Just recently started following this show. And started playing World of Tanks too.
>> No. 71 ID: 70a03a
Damn, I was kinda hoping for some battle royal type stuff here
>> No. 75 ID: f2da70
File 135338240389.jpg - (216.05KB , 1280x720 , 1351709508028.jpg )
Too bad Saunders has to lose for the plot to advance. I hope that Kay at least shows up as a spectator like the Brits.
>> No. 77 ID: 090abc
Really enjoyed episode 6. The commander of that sherman 76 sounds like me playing wot.
>> No. 78 ID: 78fa03
File 135356679582.jpg - (50.23KB , 398x334 , 1277959030851.jpg )
is it just me or did the main character's school have some of the shittest tanks in the war?
Baring the Stug, the other tanks aren't suited for tank warfare. Without a turret, the Stug is pretty much useless in the maneuver warfare they show in the series.
The panzer 4 is a decent all rounder, but with the short 75, it wasn't meant to defeat armor.
Type 89 eats shit all day, could be penetrated by heavy MG fire at close ranges.
38T is too outdated by the standards of the competition. At least it's small.
M3 Lee was just a hulking pile of shit, high profile combined with awkwardly placed main gun and thin armor.
>> No. 79 ID: 78fa03
here's an interesting nickname for the M3Lee from the Russians that received them: "БМ-6 — братская могила на шестерых" roughly translated as "collective grave for 6 people"
>> No. 80 ID: 0e94eb
And if you play WoT, they often joke about the Lee's
>> No. 81 ID: 88278f
Joking about how shitting something is in a videa game is one thing, when your life is on the line in one of these, it's another level of fuckage
>> No. 82 ID: b4ffb5
I think the Panzer IV is going to get a long 75 soon, judging by the logo graphics at the end of episode 6.
>> No. 83 ID: 1629e6

They were far more eloquent in nicknaming the SU-76.

Suka/Suchka ("Bitch"/"little bitch")
>> No. 84 ID: 78fa03
File 135398927934.jpg - (51.75KB , 588x462 , obrez.jpg )
phallus related slang was not just limited to tanks.
here is an "obrez" pistol, a full length mosin nagant 91/30 sawed down to pistol size.
Obrez means circumsized in Russian, and a common nickname for the jew
>> No. 85 ID: b4ffb5
Looks like I was right about the long 75. Looks like the early one used on the F2.
>> No. 86 ID: b4ffb5
File 135401033362.jpg - (134.83KB , 1272x720 , b1.jpg )
>> No. 87 ID: 239478
File 135418040814.jpg - (85.24KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] GIRLS und PANZER - 07 [720p]_mkv_sn.jpg )
>> No. 88 ID: 396111
File 135420922879.jpg - (1.04MB , 1280x1440 , Rear Admiral.jpg )
>> No. 89 ID: 78fa03
great, another shitcan, they never even show the m3lee firing the hull gun.
>> No. 90 ID: b4ffb5
So from what I've heard the tiger they found is actually a Porsche tiger.

That should be pretty interesting.
>> No. 91 ID: 78fa03
File 135478420612.jpg - (48.72KB , 500x392 , feedmechechens.jpg )
well, at least the song was cute


can't say I'm a fan of the pint sized soviet commander nor their lack of zerg rush.
Don't see how the MC is going to pull off this one, IS-2 alone would stomp their entire team in open combat.
>> No. 92 ID: f4e923
File 135503502133.jpg - (37.04KB , 610x594 , Capture.jpg )
Cute looks, not so cute attitude
>> No. 94 ID: dc714d

looks and acts like a toddler...
>> No. 95 ID: 747de1
The kind you'd want to put on your tank turret
>> No. 96 ID: 78fa03
at least try to make this shit believable
>> No. 239 ID: 78fa03
is this show ever coming back? It's been at ep 10.5 for 2 months now
>> No. 240 ID: 4530c2
18/03 for episode 11, a week later for the last.

>> No. 242 ID: 78fa03
god damn it, I am so fucking angry right now
1000 dicks in their religion
>> No. 245 ID: dc714d
they've had m3 months to make it, and they've had pretty high standards for their animation. at least it's gonna be fucking beautiful.
>> No. 246 ID: 4530c2
Well, the PV looks promising..dem shiny eyes
>> No. 248 ID: 78fa03
>Gee Black Forrest Peaks, why are you allowed 2 koenigtigers?
Fucking hax
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