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File 135610575176.png - (1.24MB , 1109x615 , hist.png )
114 No. 114 ID: 3cc224
If you wanna be crazy, be crazy with your friends. If you wanna be weird, be weird with your friends.
If you wanna shoot some tanks, shoot them with a StuGIII.
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>> No. 116 ID: fa3a09
what's up with the one that has one eye always closed.
>> No. 117 ID: a3b015
Saemonza? I dunno, mimicking Yukimura?
>> No. 166 ID: eb9e29
Don't mind Saemonza, she's just being platinum awesome.
>> No. 352 ID: ab12fd
Anyone know the real name of these girls?
>> No. 355 ID: 2d1d7e
File 136511930947.jpg - (371.33KB , 1264x911 , 5df132c99daffea4765421f9a1c314d8.jpg )
According to Wiki,
Erwin is Matsumoto Riko
Caesar is Takako Suzuki
Saemonza is Sugiyama Kiyomi
Oryou is Takeko Nogami
>> No. 359 ID: 9a0355
Pretty sure this is intentional:
Caesar = 鈴木貴子 -> 鈴木貴昭 (Supervisor of GuP, OVA #1 Script Writer, Military Research for SW)
Oryou = 野上武子 -> 野上 武志 (Assistant Chara Design, Illustrator of Afrika Witch series in SW)
>> No. 363 ID: 9fe488
Could be, cant really deny it
>> No. 382 ID: 5ef3e3
Takeko nogami is pretty much normal when she's with other girls.
>> No. 386 ID: 1b0d67
swap her with Yukari?

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