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File 135734590194.jpg - (7.74KB , 250x250 , NEOGDS-75976.jpg )
121 No. 121 ID: c7642f
Hope you like it:

Not sure if anyone else found these first but I thought I would make sure they were seen for everyone's benefit.
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>> No. 123 ID: 239478
>take a regular plamo kit and slap some animu in the package
I'd buy it.
>> No. 131 ID: 512044
>>Video is Private
Typical Xenophobic Japan?
>> No. 149 ID: 5d6077
I'd buy 'em if I had the cash or more importantly the time to put together a model well.
>> No. 284 ID: bec9e6
File 136286391377.jpg - (72.98KB , 640x360 , 1352858338342 (1).jpg )
I've pre-oredered the Stug III, does anyone have pictures of pic related paint style so I can paint it properly?
>> No. 285 ID: 3ce2a2
File 136293191984.jpg - (2.28MB , 2508x3452 , 1360820715155.jpg )
I've got some scans from a Model Graphix issue related to GuP. I think they could be extremely helpful. These are for the Stug, but there are others for the Type89, the PzIV and Pz38t, if someone is interested. I'll upload them later.

>> No. 287 ID: bec9e6
Thank you very much.

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