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File 136366026195.jpg - (140.02KB , 960x540 , 1363647762131.jpg )
296 No. 296 ID: 5a12a9
Are you ready for GuP episode 11?

It aired just recently!

No subs yet, but here's a raw:
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>> No. 297 ID: 80ae1a
>> No. 298 ID: d0a81a
Thanks for the thread, I completely forgot that it was airing today.
>> No. 299 ID: 78fa03
what the fuck was this shit?
Fucking maus out of nowhere
>> No. 300 ID: d0a81a
Don't really see how they're going to win this unless Nishizumi does a "waverider crash" against the maus or something.

>> No. 301 ID: 9db7d5
Then they bring out the Ratte.

And then the crew of the Ratte is the one Miho saved from the river and they help Ooarai win.
>> No. 302 ID: 78fa03
Talk about retarded tactics
>Black forest cake team using Maus in city where it is wide as a street and cannot bring it's gun ontop target
>orrai team not sending the first 2 tanks so close to it that it cannot depress the gun enough to shoot them, then pounding it to death point blank
>> No. 303 ID: 8f0e83
Black Forest was probably relying on the shock factor, and it clearly worked. The environment probably will be it's downfall though, once Oarai gets their shit together.
>> No. 304 ID: d0a81a
Doesn't the maus go over the tank limit?

What I think might happen is black forest getting disqualified for bringing an extra tank, but them not caring because this is more about "Teaching Nishizumi a lesson" than winning the tournament. Tourney "continues", and either Miho pulls some magic and beats them, or Maho will realize that what they're doing is wrong and stop the attack. She might even exile herself from Black forest, to join Mihos school.
>> No. 305 ID: 8f0e83
File 136376562916.png - (705.18KB , 697x2562 , 1363676037856.png )
Unless I missed a scene where the say how many tanks the judges specified for the match (and the Maus goes over), I'll assume the Maus is legal.
>> No. 306 ID: 78fa03
a herp a derp

why not make maus flag vehicle and have it sitting ontop of a hill in the open with the king tigers guarding it?
>> No. 309 ID: eb9e29
>The 128 mm gun was powerful enough to destroy all enemy armored fighting vehicles at close or medium ranges, and even some at ranges exceeding 3,500 metres (3,800 yd).
Seems pretty blatantly rule breaking to use an artillery piece as a cannon, but that's just me.
>> No. 311 ID: 9607d3
It's obviously a special case and using approved rounds only, which is why the little one flipped over instead of disintegrated when it took that hit at point blank.
>> No. 312 ID: ad5e5f
Judges decide which tank is the flag tank.
>> No. 313 ID: 6d82b7
Ratte would be against the rules.

I don't know why they hid such a trump card in an area where they didn't even anticipate battle, but the latter point is moot. Their simunitions probably couldn't trigger defeat condition against Maus' armor, no matter how many times they hit it.

Wasn't the tank limit 20? Must rewatch earlier eps.

Maus' gun is actually based on a naval gun rather than an artillery piece, and the same goes for some other german ww2-era tanks as well.
>> No. 342 ID: 7d9ca4

...hiding their Trump card in an area where they don't expect to fight... you mean out of the way, in reserve, to be called up in the unlikely event nearly three times Oorai's number in King Tigers and Panthers and shit wasn't enough to crush them like the red-headed stepchildren they are?

No, no I can't POSSIBLY see why they might have done that...
>> No. 343 ID: 9c3e46
File 136458911915.jpg - (92.71KB , 520x531 , letmetellyouyukari1.jpg )

What good would the Maus have done out in the field? Its top speed isn't even half what Black Forest's Panthers and Tigers can do and we've seen how they move and fight in formation. The Maus - their trump card - wouldn't be able to keep up in the field or the rest of Black Forest's tanks would have to slow down to cover the Maus, eliminating the firepower, mobility, and shock power their formations have - just like real Germans.

It also makes senses to me that Maho put the Maus in the urban area because she expected Miho might try to nullify Black Forest's numbers advantage by using urban combat tactics - something which Oorai did in two of their previous matches.

Lastly, the Maus's main gun is not based off a naval gun - the KwK 144 is based on the Pak 44 anti-tank gun and was also used in the Jagdtiger. The Ratte would've used naval guns, but that because it was as big as it was impractical.
>> No. 344 ID: 78fa03
could have placed the maus at the entrance of the city, as a road block. Be the anvil to the hammer.
Don't need to conceal its self if it can bounce all shots.

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