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File 13645016899.png - (179.55KB , 614x310 , VdYoiYC.png )
338 No. 338 ID: 70f2d2
Here's a link to all of the GUP mods:

Link to GUP clan (Apply to GUP2 if you're new):

CLAN VENT: Same as this website's. (It's mine)

Clans are generally /a/ and /k/ related. Please don't join if you're a furry or go to Reddit. We'll team-kill you.

Also, patch threads need to be deleted.
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>> No. 339 ID: d0a81a
Ah right, I've been meaning to ask this for a while.

How would you [GUP]pers like to have your own sub board, or "normal forum" on this site?

With a normal forum I could make the important sections hidden, etc. Don't know how I would do that with an imageboard section though.

>Also, patch threads need to be deleted.

Really? Are you sure? I'll move it to a secret location for now.
>> No. 340 ID: 70f2d2
File 136453437913.png - (308.49KB , 600x617 , U WoT M8.png )
If they can see them from google search, they need to be removed. We discuss clan-only details in our vent. If someone wants info, all they need is to join us. This is just a WoT general.
>> No. 341 ID: d0a81a

Well I completely deleted them just now.
>> No. 345 ID: 2a861f
Don't quite see the point of deletion them when the important info is cached on google already but whatever. Do what you've got to do. Just don't leave us in the lurch.
>> No. 346 ID: 70f2d2
It'd be harder to pin it though. Anyway, I'm filling packages tomorrow afternoon. Second sets are going out Monday or Tuesday.
>> No. 347 ID: 70f2d2
File 136491793437.png - (771.39KB , 1280x720 , 1364621074588.png )
Hey dudes,
Due to a slue of midterm exams today and tomorrow, I'll be putting off the second group's shipping time, but the group itself will actually be the second and third group.

That aside, if you want to join GuP, put that you want to "Fight the merchant" in your application. We've been rejecting applicants because they didn't include where they came from. Fighting the merchant is the best way to apply.
>> No. 348 ID: 8fc69c
>still didn't receive patches
International buyer here and i still didn't received mine. ;_;
>> No. 349 ID: f266ab
File 136496657383.jpg - (294.69KB , 778x1037 , IMG_20130403_151841.jpg )
Ausfag here, just got mine today.
Thanks Mikan!
>> No. 350 ID: 70f2d2
Did I send you a send-confirmation?
>> No. 351 ID: 2819ad
>If you are receiving this email, it means you are one of the international orders that has ordered 1 or 2 sets of patches. If you have ordered 1 or 2 sets of patches, you need to send me $3 to cover the totality of shipping. Shipping costs have gone up and I cannot ship all of the patches without the money. Please send the money as “Gift” in PayPal.

>> No. 353 ID: ecac0e
File 136509651984.gif - (2.18MB , 585x569 , 1361492846679.gif )
Hey Mikan, I'm an international buyer, got you Order Confirmation mail but not >>351's. Did I miss something or my order is ok? I'm the Chilean guy btw.
>> No. 354 ID: 004b18

Same here..am I still in time to send those 3$ or is it too late now?
>> No. 356 ID: ecac0e
Please respond ;_;
>> No. 357 ID: 70f2d2
File 136548832919.jpg - (122.16KB , 623x800 , 1363480686376.jpg )
I'd like the money considering I'd be in the red without it on your orders. It's going to actually cost about $13 for international orders, but if you guys don't want to pay all $6, I'd understand considering it's my fault in the first place for saying "please send me more money" and not saying the right amount. I'm losing money in any case at this point, but I have a job.

TL;DR, send me $3. If you have a heart and haven't sent $3 already, send $6.
>> No. 358 ID: 688131
I've sent you $6, do you also need a screenshot confirmation?
Thank you for your work!
>> No. 360 ID: 70f2d2
No. At this point I don't need screenshots.
>> No. 361 ID: 12479f
I'm guessing I missed hopping on the wagon with the first batch of patches, any chance you're going to be running off more in the future?
>> No. 362 ID: 70f2d2
Not with official ones being made now, no.
>> No. 364 ID: ecac0e
File 136561892578.jpg - (39.51KB , 1017x554 , Galil_CH.jpg )
$6 Sent. Thank you komrade.
>> No. 365 ID: c8f458
I emailed you a few days ago looking for an update but I might as well ask here too. Any idea when you'll get the rest of the non international orders out?
>> No. 366 ID: bb8b27
>> No. 367 ID: 70f2d2
File 136567081559.jpg - (61.40KB , 503x505 , 1364250049052.jpg )
I just sent out a large group of packages today (or yesterday rather, considering the time.) I'll send out an email to the people in that shipping group, but I'll have more to send out on either Friday or Saturday. A few International Orders are out as well in that group today.

Sorry to everyone who hasn't had theirs sent yet. The last few weeks has been hell in a handbasket trying to get everything situated during the day-time, which is the only time USPS is open. California orders that I sent out today will arrive today or tomorrow considering proximity.

Just to blog a bit, I've been waiting on my acceptance letter to Hiroshima University for the past 10 days. I am supposed to receive it within this month, but so far, 1/3rd of the month has passed with nothing. For everyone on the vent popping in, I'm actually a wreck right now.

That being said, I'll try to get this stuff out whenever I can, but with final projects being shoved up my ass and other miscellaneous issues coming up every time I turn around to do something else, the only thing I can really get around to is packaging at the end of the day. The only thing I can promise as far as shipping for the last people to order is this: "You'll get it within 5 weeks." I'll try sending out groups once a week at minimum, but I really don't have the time during the day to carry 10+ packages across campus to the post-office.

>> No. 381 ID: ecac0e
Do we have a SITREP Mikan?
>> No. 383 ID: c8f458
California reporting in, mine arrived last Friday. Much appreciated.
>> No. 384 ID: fac30c
California also. Just received mine today.
>> No. 385 ID: 70f2d2
Had 3 tests this week and started sections for finals next month. I'll be sending out 15-20 packages on Monday before I go to work.
>> No. 387 ID: 70f2d2
I feel bad about the amount of time some people are having to wait, but half of the patches have been sent out now. Finals are the week after next, so I'll definitely have to kick the rest out within that time-frame.
>> No. 388 ID: ecac0e
File 136703844580.png - (29.09KB , 218x196 , 1358018703571.png )
Hey, no problem komrade, just keep us updated.
>> No. 389 ID: 188be8
File 136705309483.jpg - (420.34KB , 1366x768 , shot_089.jpg )
I am currently in another clan but would probably come here first if SHTF and I left. Currently however I do say hi to any [GUP] clan members I come across and they are friendly about 98% of the time, which is good.
>> No. 401 ID: 9e0777
File 136807736462.jpg - (94.89KB , 500x304 , 1357179922481.jpg )
>mfw not patches yet.
>> No. 402 ID: bb8b27
Can we get another update or something, please?
>> No. 403 ID: 70f2d2
File 136850784299.jpg - (153.90KB , 800x600 , 232bxc.jpg )
I sent out another few sets, but the last should be out by the end of the week. If you haven't gotten an email, you'll get one by the end of the week.
>> No. 405 ID: 9e0777
Roger that.
Risa was fucking olev
>> No. 406 ID: dc3884
No email here ;_;
>> No. 407 ID: bb8b27
I got an email last night.
>> No. 408 ID: dc3884
I've got nothing as of now.
>> No. 409 ID: 70f2d2
Send me an email. I had one email bounce back.
>> No. 410 ID: 70f2d2
File 136917842980.jpg - (195.33KB , 1600x663 , 134617818582.jpg )
Now that all of the packages are out, I've spent $12 on shipping for almost every international package and lost money on all of them, including the ones that people payed the extra $3 for(which made it $9 for shipping payment. 12-9=3.) It's my fault for pricing it so low in the first place, but I'm glad to say that everyone's packages should be out now.

If anyone wants pins, I need to find a way to get rid of a giant pile of Strike Witches country pins left over from that project. I don't have any sets left because I'm out of Karlsland and there's no more Suomus/Liberion that don't have one (extremely minor) defect. For this week, I'll be taking orders and based on first-come first-serve policy, I'll take set orders (minus Karlsland of course, because I only have the two I set aside for myself, which are hidden somewhere in the boxes from my move-in) first and singles second. Shipping for all orders will be $5 US/$12 International.

At the end of the week, I'll look at the orders in order of date and set aside orders. If your order is unavailable I'll let you know on Saturday.

NOTE: These pins will be WAY faster than the patches and pin orders since I only have one class during this section of the summer.
>> No. 412 ID: bb8b27
File 136977285522.jpg - (1.06MB , 913x2747 , IMG_0865.jpg )
Thanks Mikan!
>> No. 413 ID: 8a5cab
Mikan, I received an order confirmation a while ago but no email saying patches were sent.
Haven't heard much of anything from you about the patches, but I paid. Let's work this out.
>> No. 414 ID: 70f2d2
You put Kuromorimine upside down buddy.
>> No. 415 ID: bb8b27
I realized that after I took the pic and uploaded it already, I guess I was just too excited to have them, finally.
>> No. 416 ID: a8fe28
File 137085969213.jpg - (1.59MB , 3264x2448 , 2013-06-09 12_42_46.jpg )
Thank you Mikan! ^^
>> No. 419 ID: 9e0777
File 137160708135.jpg - (440.65KB , 2048x1536 , 6557665.jpg )
Just got mines, they are even better than expected.
Thanks Mikan!
>> No. 431 ID: eb8e54
Is anyone having problems with the 8.10 update. I can't seem to get any of the mods to work except the GuP school emblems for my tanks.
>> No. 452 ID: 1ec5e6
Hey Mikan, where can I order those GNP patches from? Are you willing to do business with me? Those are some nice patches you have there.

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