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File 136715312530.jpg - (64.79KB , 519x374 , 1367135188241.jpg )
390 No. 390 ID: 5fdef7
Just got confirmation from GuP official Twitter

1) There will be a Fan Disk about today's (27/4) event in Oorai (Heartful Tanks Carnival -- CVs, director and staff meetup) releasing in September

2) Next OVA will be about Anzio VS Oorai
Finally get to see how Miho decimated the entire Italy team! Yay!

and finally...

3) New MOVIE is confirmed, scheduled for a 2014 release!

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>> No. 391 ID: ea1fa9

I wonder what it will be about. World tournament?
>> No. 392 ID: 5fdef7

The manga actually introduced some characters that could be used as further plot, such as Miho's classmate who went to Germany after primary school.

Of course, there's also the standard setting for sports story (in a sense): World Tournament where selected characters from different Japanese schools team up and form the Japan National Team...sorta like Captain Tsubasa...

Either way, looking forward to it.

And the OVA as well.
>> No. 395 ID: c27fe4
File 136732367348.jpg - (391.08KB , 708x1000 , 3f0429f5f2e86671caf0d70d0dc074d7.jpg )
Wow, You mean, that Fan made comic about Saori whining about Darjeeling, Kay and Katyusha.. oops almost forgot about Anchovy! ..acting like foreigners whilst being japanese is actually true?
>> No. 397 ID: c27fe4
File 136732379556.jpg - (403.84KB , 708x1000 , 6b7f5f54fd6058ed3aafe0c359af5b09.jpg )
forgot the previous page
>> No. 398 ID: 5fdef7
File 136732561738.jpg - (155.78KB , 1203x1200 , 1367308883908.jpg )
Sorry to break it to you...
...but yeah they are...
>> No. 399 ID: c27fe4
I see. I shall now call Darjeeling as Rin Tajiri then.

Kay will be Kei and as for Katyusha and Nonna, Yuka and Nono. I couldn't think of a good one for Anchovy though.
>> No. 400 ID: 8e4183
Anchovy's real name is Chiyomi Anzai

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