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File 135233542242.png - (1.44MB , 1280x720 , Panzer Vore.png )
63 No. 63 ID: c282fe
This animu man. This fucking animu.
>> No. 64 ID: 9c2cc3
That's just the commie subs.
>> No. 65 ID: f5cee3
Commie subs versions look like a waste of time. But hey, they're not really getting paid for subbing it in a strict sense so I guess it's okay. They can do what they want.
>> No. 66 ID: 53ea3c
You do realize that there's a Track 2 with less German right? They even made announcement at the start of each episode.

On an unrelated note, doing something for free is not an excuse for crap (see hadena). Commie's subs are good in general and I really appreciate the localization and effort to make the dialog work in English, rather than some bastardized script that mashes together Japanese and English.

Oh well, opinion.
>> No. 68 ID: dc714d
most of the german is used when there is something that is an anime cliche it seems, so i don't really mind.
>> No. 492 ID: 08b4f0
>> No. 495 ID: 60d0dd
Sentai Filmworks did a nice job.

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