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File 135339217771.jpg - (964.33KB , 2480x1374 , Konachan_com - 148047 akiyama_yukari girls_und_pan.jpg )
76 No. 76 ID: 20f2cf
T'S TIME /K/OMRADES! We're doing a collaboration with /a/ for:
"/ak/ Sings Enter Enter Mission!"

If you're a newb, use Vocaroo.com
If you're a pro, use Audacity and post that shit to Mediafire.

Things to remember:
-Keep background noise to an absolute minimum. This shit will be less shitty if we have this in mind.
-If your mic has anti-feedback as part of it's drivers, use that!
-Keep your music low so that isn't part of the recording

Send me your entry in an email and let's get this shit going! You have until this coming Sunday.

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