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File 136184005228.png - (0.98MB , 619x1238 , int.png )
1 No. 1 ID: 64d5ce Locked Stickied hide watch quickreply [Reply]
1:) Be nice to each other. No hate towards language or nationality. All languages are allowed.
2:) NSFW/R18/Lewd pictures belong in /nsfw/.
3:) Off topic threads are allowed (for now).

Rule #1:仲良くして言語や国籍に向かって激しくしないで下さい。
Rule #2:H/いやらしさ/エッチな画もこのページに禁止です。/nsfw/でポストして下さい。 *
Rule #3:何でものトピックは許可されています。[今の所]
>> No. 19 ID: 264dad

File 13627934319.png - (74.50KB , 500x500 , Erika_gute_Nacht.png )
8 No. 8 ID: 4dbeb8 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
That wonderful new /int/ smell. Hope this one won't rot.
How about flags to identify each poster's country?
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>> No. 12 ID: 5a12a9
File 136365805775.png - (135.47KB , 324x383 , consider the following.png )
You know you don't have to have an /int/ board just because you have international lurkers and posters, right?

It would be silly to think you could host an english-language imageboard about a popular topic without getting visitors all over the world. There's life outside the US too, you know~ (The only reason website statistics often show a disproportionately large amount of US visitors is because ISPs not using CC TLDs are defaulted to US)

But if you plan to keep this site around, I'm sure your /int/ will grow over time.
>> No. 13 ID: d0a81a

The point of this sub-board was to encourage foreign users that aren't skilled at English to post freely, without worry.

A while back there were several threads being made in /sw/ with very broken English, and the OP got hassled for it, etc. I seek to correct that.

>There's life outside the US too, you know~

I know.. which is the whole reason why I made this sub-board. It's not some ghetto, I'm trying to encourage them to post more. I've been aware of the many foreign visitors, and I'm metaphorically rolling out the red carpet for them.

>But if you plan to keep this site around

This site will be around for a long time even though I can't really afford it.
>> No. 40 ID: 054be3
I'm from the Philippines. Glad to be here!

No. 14 ID: 351bba hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  Music from your country
>> No. 24 ID: da3091
  Bump becuse this /int/ needs more life
>> No. 39 ID: c44c56


File 136452658320.jpg - (78.31KB , 500x779 , lel.jpg )
15 No. 15 ID: 25e68f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Quiero llegar a la colección de arriba algún día!!
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>> No. 26 ID: 4c823b
>auto-nombrarse otaku

¿Por qué carajos harían algo así? Párenle a eso, carajo.

En otras noticias, actualmente ahorrando para ver si me compro las re-release de las figuras de Sakamoto y Perrine que acaban de salir hor, y tal vez las de Erica y Marseille a futuro. También compraría más manga/libros/etc si supiera leer runas chinas japonesas de las más antiguas; por ahora sólo tengo Witches of Andorra y Witches in Africa, pero sólo para ver los dibujitos bonitos ;_;

Saludes de Colombia, por cierto.
>> No. 36 ID: da3091
  Ese sentimiento cuando Fiestas Patrias

Ese sentimiento cuando Erica es candidata presidencial aqui
>> No. 38 ID: 4db0d1
Carajo, y qué pasa, tienes algún problema de que ese chico sea fan de SW y que quiera alcanzar una meta??
No creas que eres único en Colombia, hay otros fans en otros países que se quieren dar a conocer. Apuesto a que apenas sabes de SW y alardeas como si nada.

File 137499183727.jpg - (338.14KB , 705x1052 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
28 No. 28 ID: 1413c7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
บุคคลที่ปรากฏตัวใน strike witches zero chapter 9 มีตัวตนในการ์ตูนจริงรึ คงไม่ใช่ภาพวาดสั่วๆ 4-5 รูปแล้วปล่อยเเพหรอกนะ
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>> No. 33 ID: d99799
Admin could probably move this to >>>/int/?
>> No. 34 ID: 6011ab
So... the thread has been moved. \o/

>>32 Wow, I didn't even have a chance to bought one.

There was small community for Thai strike witches fans, but the site was long gone.
There were some artists on that site, I wonder could that doujin was done by any of them...
>> No. 35 ID: 0bb39a
Really? Details?
I haven't seen any thai originals of SW doujinshi releases, but there are some jp->thai translations of SW stuff floating around.

File 137383639190.jpg - (356.91KB , 600x847 , 31317310_big_p0.jpg )
27 No. 27 ID: d31013 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Joyeux 14 juillet, Helma !

File 136185147268.jpg - (0.96MB , 1127x1481 , Haruka.jpg )
2 No. 2 ID: dc714d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
so you know this board is hidden on the menu bar right?

"no visible boards" under the header
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>> No. 4 ID: 09af1c
File 136186190392.jpg - (182.62KB , 850x1236 , Mio_Who_Needs_That_Eyepatch_Anyways.jpg )
Very nice addition here. Much welcome attention to the site.
>> No. 7 ID: dbfd9f
so does anyone have any ideas for a thread, i'm all out
>> No. 25 ID: da3bb9
File 137107311488.jpg - (698.20KB , 1256x1800 , 4_06.jpg )
Where'd you find the 1.5 manga in a resolution that high? Or it is just an upscale from this scan? Doesn't look like it.

File 136192378647.png - (128.92KB , 854x480 , 2013-02-26_12_39_07.png )
5 No. 5 ID: c7642f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Seeing as how this is general discussion I feel I should start this thread: Minecraft.

Does anyone on Helma play Minecraft? Do you have stories? Custom skins?

>For anyone interested the "LittleMaidMob" mod has skins for the Strike Witches so you can have them fight with and for you. It would be nice for someone to make some GuP skins for them, add in Flans mod tanks...
2 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 17 ID: 353c95

That's pretty neat.

Are those AI controlled or just static objects?
>> No. 18 ID: c7642f

>It would be cool if someone added summonable Neuroi bosses though.
>I would if I could into java/scripting.
>> No. 23 ID: 188be8
I just had a thought though...

If someone used the zepplin mod (the old one that allowed for making creations move) you could set them to go in a big loop. Still wouldn't be as neat as actual enemies though.

File 136838691791.jpg - (77.96KB , 590x844 , Stanisław_Skalski.jpg )
20 No. 20 ID: 545dcc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'd be really happy to see some other Polish posters on this board... We certainly had a nice history with air warfare, let's take Dywizjon 303 from the Battle of England as an example. Any idea why we don't have our own witch yet? Skalski would be the best material for her. I'm sure there's some other countries that had aces but weren't featured in Strike Witches...
>> No. 21 ID: f6903e

A long time ago I made a Polish witch for a project me and my friend were working on, but since that's just fan material I'm sure it doesn't count.

I would love to see some official Polish witches.

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