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File 133113617964.jpg - (713.49KB , 1142x1600 , #00.jpg )
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Found this manga not too long ago. It's kinda like SW but with boats and pants. The twist being that the girls are the actual ships as opposed to famous aces and the like.
It follows the girl Yukikaze (based on the ship the Yukikaze, which never got hit during WWII), her friend shipgirls doing mecha girl like stuff and fighting shipgirls from ABDACOM. (Australia(!), America, England and the Netherlands(!)).
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>> No. 681
File 133275312662.jpg - (606.94KB , 1115x1600 , 094.jpg )
Magical German loli.

Time to look up volume 3 on the web.
>> No. 682
I'm uh..guessing they won't mention the Battle of Midway or Phillippine Sea?
>> No. 683

Philippines will probably be in later volumes, I'm assuming.

File 133022947956.jpg - (191.93KB , 900x680 , humikanepic.jpg )
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I was browsing some random Strike Witches videos and somehow ended in one about a live concert. It was so-so until it reached the part wherein some random geeky guy with a bullcap handed a MG-42 to Mie Sonozaki, Gertrude's seiyuu.

Maybe I'm just letting my brain fly to destinations unknown, but I have a strange gut feeling that glasses guy is Humikane.

For an event staff, He's sitting too close to the seiyuus. Unless he was a person with significant importance to the whole Strike Witches franchise. Also that guy had a mic and probably gave some speech in the event too, just wasn't included.
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>> No. 616
That's Yuzo Hirata, the animation director.
Not Humikane or Yamibun.
>> No. 617
Ah, damn.. I thought >>481 nailed it..
>> No. 618
Ah damn, I thought >>567 nailed it.

File 133194725816.jpg - (214.97KB , 566x800 , 18079981_p17.jpg )
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