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File 133022947956.jpg - (191.93KB , 900x680 , humikanepic.jpg )
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I was browsing some random Strike Witches videos and somehow ended in one about a live concert. It was so-so until it reached the part wherein some random geeky guy with a bullcap handed a MG-42 to Mie Sonozaki, Gertrude's seiyuu.

Maybe I'm just letting my brain fly to destinations unknown, but I have a strange gut feeling that glasses guy is Humikane.

For an event staff, He's sitting too close to the seiyuus. Unless he was a person with significant importance to the whole Strike Witches franchise. Also that guy had a mic and probably gave some speech in the event too, just wasn't included.
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>> No. 616
That's Yuzo Hirata, the animation director.
Not Humikane or Yamibun.
>> No. 617
Ah, damn.. I thought >>481 nailed it..
>> No. 618
Ah damn, I thought >>567 nailed it.

File 133194725816.jpg - (214.97KB , 566x800 , 18079981_p17.jpg )
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