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File 135761574279.png - (1.60MB , 750x1000 , 4c2432c852390dbcfbcdfdb6b86a5a78.png )
1014 No. 1014
How does the ban screen look on helma?
Is it Strike Witchy?
That would be nice.
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>> No. 1017
just the image is SW related, I got a crashed nipa
>> No. 1018
File 135764473682.jpg - (31.82KB , 225x225 , youarebanned.jpg )
I'm pretty sure all I did was change the ban image to this.

During the whole time this site has been up, I think I've only banned two people for a whopping combined total of 2 weeks and 8 hours.
>> No. 1019
Hehe, nice.
I'm assuming you're the admin, correct?
I also wanted to ask, why is the site called helma?
>> No. 1020

Yeah I'm the admin.

The site is called Helma.us because when it was founded "We are all Helma" was a joke in the SW threads on /a/.

So when I made the site I figured I would base it on that gimmick, and originally the plan was to make "Anonymous" default to "Helma" and what not. I also chose the .us domain for obvious reasons (us, like a collective). I figured it would be more inviting/appealing to the thread goers.

However there was some.. major backlash when I first opened the site. Like I would come home from a long day at work, then have to write paragraph after paragraph trying to justify the sites existence to a bunch of pissed off people. So I just got rid of as many "Helma" references as I could and came really close to just shutting the site down due to the constant backlash.

Eventually, they moved on and here we are now. Although some people in the threads still think this is an elitist "secret club" site for some reason, even though everybody is welcome here and can post anything that doesn't go against the very basic rules. Only 2 people have been banned the entire time this site has been up.

Well that's more or less the story of this site, although I think I kind of over-explained the whole thing.
>> No. 1021
File 135770823959.jpg - (33.88KB , 732x538 , youngSanya.jpg )
nah, it's nice hearing the story of the site from the person behind it.
it's not everyday you get that kind of privilege.
>> No. 1022
Your efforts are much appreciated, this forum has given many a place to go and not get trolled to hell for liking an anime after next big thing comes.
>> No. 1023

No problem, I'm always checking the forums and more than willing to answer any questions.



Yeah, that's one of the main reasons I made this place. The old SW threads kept getting over-run by trolls, spammers, and dubs to the point that the threads were either getting deleted, or reaching the bump limit within an hour. Which was pretty aggravating at the time.

I've still got the original backlash/debate thread hidden on the site, but I don't think I'm ever going to post a link it, just to avoid any unnecessary conflict.
>> No. 1024
Well I'm glad this place survived the rough times. It's nice to have a place to discuss SW. Most places don't have active communities and I hate 4chan anyway.

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