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File 135780143247.png - (1.06MB , 1024x508 , for helma.png )
1027 No. 1027
I decided to dedicate my 86 to Helma.us Considering how much I love Initial D, it's strange that I would have painted it other than panda. Either way, a car I wanted to dedicate to this site.

Sorry about the crap quality, I couldn't figure out how to get the actual picture off the xbox...
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>> No. 1028
Looks good!
>> No. 1029
File 135780591539.jpg - (204.33KB , 1280x720 , Lynnet.jpg )
looks nice
I love seeing all the SW itasha on forza
here's mine

>get the actual picture off the xbox
save the picture, upload it onto MyForza, then access it from PC to save
>> No. 1030
I would have to redo the car to put it up in the marketplace, silly Xbox live and screwing people who had accounts before getting on live...

Oh well, I'll probably do a better version for the marketplace. Along with a DMC-12 that has a pixel prinny (disgaea) on the hood.

If anyone here wants, I can tell you when I put them up so you can get one.
>> No. 1031
Thanks, I'm still kinda new to actually having an Xbox live account.
>> No. 1035
That's fuckin' neato. When I get a new car, that'll be the first paint-scheme I put on it.

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