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File 135837890625.jpg - (194.26KB , 425x600 , Vividredpromo (1).jpg )
1036 No. 1036
The director of the Strike Witches anime series is directing another series called Vividred Operation. The first episode had fanservice of the Strike Witches type but in smaller doses as opposed to the constant panty-shots of Strike Witches. I did however almost OD on moe in the first episode...


Episode 1 (english subs):
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>> No. 1043
File 135951094879.jpg - (648.97KB , 900x675 , 33195159.jpg )
I love Vividred Operation! The transformation sequences are awesome.
>> No. 1044
With how long ago I posted this, it makes me happy yet slightly confused that it took as long as it did for anyone to comment...

Thank you though for being the first to comment.
>> No. 1069
File 136365722414.jpg - (457.02KB , 2500x2696 , Strike Operation vividblack Sanya.jpg )
Vividred isn't very popular amongst western anime fandom.

Or like some anons on a current 4chan/a/ SW thread put it:
>I will admit that vividred isn't really any good
>because vivid is just shit, it's SW without the ww2 stuff, without cute girls, without superior Karlsland witches, it's just the plot of SW without having actually the SW stuff in it
>I like SnW, SW, GuP, don't like Vivid
>I like everything cept Vividred, just lost interest.
>Vividbutt is shit.
>Because vivid is CoD: Modern Strike Witches with bland world/story, annoying mahou shoujo cliches, tactless fanservice and low budget.

I think the last one is spot on.
>> No. 1070
I unfortunately agree with this. I had high hopes that this would become the next Strike Witches, but it's fallen way short of that goal. It feels as if the producers are adding in everything they love about anime, but in doing so have created an unfocused mess. Really the only thing it has going for it is the fanservice of various kinds, and that can only take a show so far. The latest episode has redeemed it somewhat, but not nearly enough to make up for everything before it. The finale will have to be fantastic for me to consider it any better than average.
>> No. 1072
>an unfocused mess

A pretty good way to describe Vividred Operation. A huge disappointment, really.

Copy this and that from Strike Witches, include so many Evangelion shoutouts that it feels like they're just copying it, spend most of your animation budget on CG and a few character scenes so rest of the episodes are overly static, even the fanservice's so very tastelessly out of place most of the time.
>> No. 1073
Takamaura went onto creating Vividred, meanwhile Suzuki and Humikane created GuP...

I'm not really sure I want him coming back for SW season 3
>> No. 1074
I guess I made the right choice not to watch this one.
>> No. 1075
File 136403958269.gif - (775.14KB , 480x270 , croweat.gif )
I haven't seen the show, what the heck is going on in this gif?
>> No. 1076
That looks too silly to be from the show, but on the other hand it's too well made to be a shoop.

Maybe that really does happen. Maybe I should check the latest episodes..
>> No. 1077
Final Boss turning raven.
>> No. 1078
Final Boss turning raven.
>> No. 1079

Final Boss turning raven.


Yes that does happen.

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