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File 135988563811.gif - (71.11KB , 800x850 , t80u-5.gif )
1048 No. 1048
What do you think about my idea:

My idea is to buy or make tanks (preferably smaller ones) and then modify them to be armed with air-cannon capable of firing special projectiles (PVC pipe filled with dirt and wrapped in foam).

The purpose of said tanks would be to play games similar to airsoft, with teams trying to outmaneuver one another and take out their enemies.

Then charge X-amount for people who do not own a tank to rent one and participate (after a short training course).Use the guaranteed controversy on the news of sport tanks to help fuel our profits and eventually get sponsors. Then we could make it a national televised sport with large fanbases and everything, kinda like how paintball is but with tanks.

It would also be possible to look into alternative fuels to help save on costs.
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>> No. 1049
This is it. This is how GuP becomes a reality.

I would love if this actually became a thing.
>> No. 1050
Oh, I decided that instead of firing foam projectiles with hard cores to fire something closer to simunition. Mainly so you get a nice big paint splat wherever it gets hit.
>> No. 1051
The thread I made about this on operatorchan is bringing up some pretty valid points in regards to cost and other factors...

To cut costs of maintenance down (substantially) the armors would have to be replicas built from construction vehicles, thus allowing parts to be cheaper and more readily available.

Other things such as rules were brought up, mostly from something like this that was a failure. In my opinion from what I read though it was more organized chaos then well regulated sport...

Game rules:
series of rounds.
in between rounds is a break time and everyone returns to "base".
Tanks that are stuck are left until the round ends, after the round they are recovered but until then they are free-kills for anyoe who finds them.
>> No. 1052
File 136022246098.jpg - (48.72KB , 500x392 , feedmechechens.jpg )
For cost, use tanks from the 60's onwards. Cold war surplus is quite cheap.

It would have to be a spectator sport to make up costs of running the tanks.

It would be hard to tabulate whether or not a hit would penetrate or bounce. Or balance the teams for that matter.

As for ammo, aluminum projectiles can be machined to correct bore sizes, these would have adequate range and can be fired with reduced charges.
>> No. 1053
I was originally thinking of cheap surplus from cold-war but even still the costs of importing spare parts would get pretty bad, that and trying to get an import license for 10+ tanks with current govt paranoia.

The idea of getting a fleet of soviet tanks is not a bad idea, just remove some of the extra crap from the inside and scale down the engine/armor to only what is needed.

The sport would be spectator and held only during certain events/celebrations at first, as popularity increases it can become more frequent.

Thanks for the input though, helps brainstorm.
>> No. 1054
sounds like fun, but if you're going all out, a tank that "shoots" propane fireballs and uses something like MILES would be even better.

T-72 configuration with a driver, commander and gunner would be ideal IMO, since you aren't loading anything and the radio isn't a full-time job.
>> No. 1061
File 136166517178.jpg - (48.72KB , 500x392 , feedmechechens.jpg )
No MILES system, old surplus tanks will shoot old surplus ammo at eachother. Heaven or hell, winner takes all.

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