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File 136622192380.jpg - (111.09KB , 522x760 , f0518ae03a3cc8cd8711332caac5502f.jpg )
1097 No. 1097
Hey Anon!
You know that in addition to this imageboards, there are others?
I have compiled a long list of the imageboards, including russian boards, which you can download here:

Last updated list can be to look here, there is discussion and suggestions:

Also welcome any comments and suggestions.
And if you do you come to each of them, and there make your thread, you'll help little boards all at once.
Send out this message to all the big boards and slow-boards.
Admins Please do not delete this thread, because you have counted and added to the list. IT IS NOT SPAM!
Free ads in all fields, and all in black.
It's time to show the anonymity that the board instead of three, and much more.
>> No. 1098
Thanks for adding us.

>Also welcome any comments and suggestions.

I checked out the txt file, and perhaps a quick explanation about what the main subject is on each board would be useful.

For example:

carchan.net (Automobiles)
jfkchan.us (Conspiracies)
>> No. 1099
What's the point of this? Isn't overchan still alive?

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