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File 136965136926.jpg - (6.81KB , 200x200 , 1368965870934_small.jpg )
1114 No. 1114
Krichan (http://krichan.net/) free independent imageboard created by Anonymous to all Anonymous. At the crowing of no centralized approval. Imageboard created on the alternate engine, from the old Wakaba and kusaba X, and aimed at the complete anonymity of communication in general.

The main attribute of the policy is, gave anonimus complete freedom and the right to any opinion. Administration carries out a technical support.
We have interesting discussions.

- Unique protection from a wipe
- Many are updated periodically unique styles allow you to specify the appearance of boards to your liking.
- The function of inserting random-pack
- Everyone is a moderator of a thread.
- Ability to edit and delete your posts and threads are.

Visit Krichan now! We welcome everyone.

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