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File 137309073313.png - (187.16KB , 1250x1500 , 2013_4chan_Summer_Cup_Logo[1].png )
1140 No. 1140
Hello Helma. I'm a former browser of the old /sw/ threads on /a/, and am currently a 4chan Cup manager. I was thinking of making a /sw/ team for fun, just for my own amusement. The problem is finding enough players. I need 23 players total. What I have so far is:
Moon Nazis
Daily Dose
Sanya X Eila OTP
Cocaine Pinata
Miso Soup
Historically Accurate
Get in IRC Faggot
Ass Bug
Perrine Fan
Piss Fetishist

If you have any ideas, please suggest them. I can't remember many of the old jokes. Also, I don't want to add any tripfags.
>> No. 1141
I haven't been visiting the /a/ threads lately, but here's 3 that come to mind:

No Men Allowed
Minna Puppet
Erica Fish
>> No. 1143
Oh yeah I remember the Minna puppet and Erica with the fish.

What works for Minna singing the song about the holocaust?

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