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File 137323897061.jpg - (136.66KB , 850x645 , wrong hand you twat.jpg )
1142 No. 1142
Anyone else have the terrible misfortune to actually be part of a national military? I have only come across one other person in service who knows what Strike Witches is--are we a rare breed?

I'm US Air Force, and every day is Strike Witches irl.

What's your story?
>> No. 1148
Not me personally, but I have three friends in, or used to be in, the military who are also SW fan, or other way around (SW fans also in military, that's how I came to know them when I visited Japan anyway)

One guy, he became really close friend of mine, was a qualified ranger in JGSDF.
He was in a training and evaluation unit over in Fuji, so he's had access to some non-standard equipments and actually participated in joint-exercise with US SFs.
We went together to watch the SW movie on the opening day, and he's still my contact in Japan for sending me various SW stuff.

Another guy I met was an F-15 pilot.
His favorite witch was Sanya, so he stuck Orussian flag on his flight helmet (sadly, I've lost the pic along with my old laptop).

And then there was this one guy who's an ex-JMSDF SBU.
He's a Somalia vet, and loves Marseille.

In US, I got few of my friends with POG job in the Army into SW.
Other than that, I haven't encountered anyone with even acknowledgement of SW in US military.
Probably just because Japan.
>> No. 1149
My friend and fellow SW fan recently entered the US Navy, currently training for nuclear subs. His favorite witch is Erica.
>> No. 1150
This probably doesn't count because there's enlistment in my country, but still. Ex-pioneer here
>> No. 1151
>he stuck Orussian flag on his flight helmet
That would be the most amazing picture ever. It would make my day.

I'm stationed in Japan right now, but I only do administrative stuff. Unfortunately, my life isn't as interesting or colorful as any of that.

My fav witch is Heidimarie.

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