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File 137450344639.png - (59.04KB , 355x340 , 1373187474678.png )
1152 No. 1152
Just an Anon who moved this discussion to here, as suggested by a number of Anons.

It all began from a certain Anon here

Last confirmed, we have the following 501 routes:

You end up reuniting her with her papa. Eila's route is intertwined. Once you done the above you end up giving Eila the D.

You help her get over her dead lover step by step while you become her new one.

You've always admired her from afar, you end up helping her master the true Reppuzan.

You become her new mechanic, overhearing Shirley talk her about dream about reaching light speed you decide to help her achieve it.
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>> No. 1153
SWQ and similar crap goes to >>>/ot/
>> No. 1154
Sounds like a pretty generic VN, take it to /ot/
>> No. 1155
I'm not familiar much with SWQ since I don't usually post on 4chan, but isn't this stuff clearly based in the Strike Witches setting and with SW characters?
>> No. 1156
Take it to /ot/, please.
>> No. 1157
/sw/ is more for discussion of the series proper, while fan creations go here in /ot/. (Especially something as polarizing as a VN.)
>> No. 1158
SWQ is short for "Strike Witches Quest", it's a choose your own adventure series of threads that originate from the 4chan board /tg/. The setting for SWQ is different from Strike Witches, it's more of a mashup of real world and Strike Witches (Witches fight for real nations, WWII continues unchanged until December 7-8, 1941, instead of Neuroi it's Martians, etc). There's also has been spin offs of it including a 1989 variant with it's own spinoffs.
>> No. 1168
File 137670437757.jpg - (98.60KB , 604x888 , Gaijin4koma1.jpg )
>Strike Witches VN

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