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File 139959917549.jpg - (739.77KB , 1920x1080 , 678887459EBC34B5BFAE3A607383693E80083313.jpg )
1224 No. 1224
Has anyone made a strike witches mod for grand strategy games?

I've seen the idea for a Victoria 2 mod, but I think it could also work for Hearts of Iron.

Besides that, Grand Strategy thread?
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>> No. 1225
A long time ago I found a witches mod on a Japanese board for HOI II, but it only added one unit and barely worked. I might have the zip buried somewhere, but it's not really worth uploading.
>> No. 1226
File 14002098401.jpg - (552.11KB , 1920x1080 , F15DF1A593810C7211F2C2DEAA64B639194F6BD2.jpg )
That's unfortunate.

It's not that hard to mod games with the Clauswitz engine, like Victoria 2. So I think someone could manage something better than one unit. It's just a lot of time.

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