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File 131146865380.jpg - (157.91KB , 576x432 , Dive_into_the_Sky_4.jpg )
27 No. 27
DiTS Campaign one shot session, Tomorrow (Sunday) 6 PM GMT!

The game is set during WWI and focuses on tank witches.

The rules that will be used, can be found here: http://www.mediafire.com/?7wgqml7hxdyf6hl

OOC Channel: #SpecialSnowflakeloliprincess
IC Channel: #TankwithTits
Rizon network

>> No. 28
In case it wasn't already obvious enough, DiTS is a roleplay game by the way.
>> No. 34
So, how did this go? Did anyone save anything from the session?
>> No. 38
Yeah, I'm kind of curious about the results as well.
>> No. 792
I played in this years ago back in college...man, I sure would love to start playing again. Moe RPGing is the best thing ever. You literally get to be the little girl.
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