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File 133038961845.jpg - (163.81KB , 587x375 , Trude is retarded.jpg )
470 No. 470
I posted it in the /sw/ board, but I'll post it here again: Why does Trude think that a Japanese girl looks like a German girl?
>> No. 471
Anime physics.
>> No. 472
somewhere out there, there has to be a German girl that looks like a certain Japanese girl. Gots to be
>> No. 791
One could invent numerous convoluted explanations based on theories on different ways genealogy or biology work in the SW-verse.
>> No. 818
uh, might not be her face that is the reason Chris and Yoshika look similar. if they have the same mannerisms and move in similar ways, they can resemble one another even if their faces are different.

also, like, there are German people with dark eyes and dark hair. the real Ursula Hartmann was one of them.

but yeah, tbh it all just comes down to anime logic

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