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File 133125925855.jpg - (148.04KB , 810x1200 , 35621764a74a040dc609b4f87677941a.jpg )
502 No. 502
ITT: Battle Music

So folks, let's say you're leading an assault against the Neuroi with any Witches you choose... If you could play music during the assault, what would it be?

After some recent listening, I believe my choice would be Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Márquez. Why? Because aerial combat is a deadly dance, that's why. Also, I like to think of flight as such a thing being a akin to dancing in general. What would you guys choose?

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>> No. 503
File 133126417574.jpg - (337.90KB , 700x1006 , 17793791.jpg )
"Zero" from Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

Well, really any of epics musics from Ace Combat series.
But I like this one the best.
>> No. 523
Prokofiev - Battle on the Ice


I'd be wearing the helmet the dude at 1:40 has. And nothing else.
>> No. 527
Dance of Curse

Using this post to point out how cool it would be to get the ability to embed youtube videos on other boards besides /sw/
>> No. 906
File 134959504960.jpg - (383.99KB , 1366x768 , 1287079348381.jpg )
No Aces High yet?


I know it's mostly about the Battle of Britain, but I always think of this song with this image.
>> No. 907
File 134962665382.jpg - (265.33KB , 757x900 , 15038151.jpg )
I always thought that song was for Elizabeth.
To me, that image reminds me of this song.
>> No. 957
Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

>> No. 1013
File 135709546045.jpg - (116.54KB , 499x720 , Georgette 1.jpg )

"Madame, it is an honor to have this chance to fight by your side... You wouldn't mind if I sang, would you? It's just something we use to sing back when I was in the Legion..."
>> No. 1239
Didn't want to bump such an old thread, but I had to share this.
Sabaton, a Swedish war-metal band that's been already mentioned few times in the thread, recently released a new album "Heroes"
In which is a song titled "Night Witches"
As it turns out, the song is actually about Soviet female night-bomber regiment.
Lyrics are just plain awesome.

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