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File 133227907821.jpg - (43.93KB , 500x707 , Official Battleship Movie Poster.jpg )
619 No. 619
Jeje, this can be it the more close to a Strike Witches real movie after INDEPENDENCE DAY?
>> No. 620
This is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. For the love of god, why would you make a movie based on a board game? And even if you did, there are far better ways to incorporate the feel or spirit of "Battleship" than what they did. This movie is not "Battleship," it's "Save the Earth From Aliens #547529."
>> No. 621
Pitty that dont be the Fuso Fleet =(
>> No. 622
I was thinking this would be interesting until I saw that it was a movie adaption of the boardgame.

Maybe next year we'll get "Mouse Trap the Movie". A survival horror film of course.
>> No. 623

A movie about man's rise to power and was then thrown on jail for standing in the wrong spot
>> No. 687
I figure the robots are a secret Japanese weapon for their training exercise. GOTCHA AMERICA!
>> No. 696
I don't know about anyone else but I'm actually impressed with how they could develop a reasonable story for a movie based on a board game. But I'm pretty sure that's just me...
>> No. 726
I think it's just you. I know when I first heard about it my thought was something along the lines of "Holy shit, Hollywood must be scraping the bottom of the idea barrel now."

I think the only good thing it has going for it is that it (to my knowledge) stars Liam Neeson. But Battleship? C'mon.

Next we'll be seeing "Guess Who!" movies and movies based off of "Sorry!" or hell, Parcheesi.
>> No. 749
Humikane was actually posting about this movie on Twitter.


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