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File 133569035950.png - (294.00KB , 826x940 , 2c358db60c79769dd619f991c5ba0bc6.png )
741 No. 741
There are 147 Strike Witches
There are 144 Touhous
>> No. 742
Quite an accomplishment.
>> No. 743
I thought there were more.
Oh wait, you didn't count all non-pictured witches.
that would make it, like, 280?
>> No. 744
Witch count was from the wiki, I just added up all the witches from each country.
>> No. 747
hypothesis: OP has too much time on his hands
>> No. 748
OP is a faggot.
>> No. 751
Touhou wiki lists the exact number
Strike Witches wiki numbers each witch
It probably only took OP 2 minutes to get the numbers.

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