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File 133646925153.jpg - (108.29KB , 1280x688 , [Mazui]_The_Princess_and_the_Pilot_[720p][E5A9C941.jpg )
753 No. 753
Any good anime out there with a decent focus on flying? Already seen The Sky Crawlers, and I just finished watching The Princess and the Pilot, and I'm craving some more.
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>> No. 754
An oldie, but THE COCKPIT OVA series is great.
Porco Rosso is also worth a watch.
Area 88 is more modern, if you like jet fighters pretty good as well.
Yukikaze is futuristic, but lot of focus on flying/pilots.

Others just to name a few include;
Last Exile (Steampunk type, also Yamibun from SW worked on this)
Macross(tho its more robo than planes)
Yomigaeru Sora – Rescue Wings (about air rescue squadron in JASFD, non-combat but so far the most realistic flight anime I have ever seen)
Storatos 4 (Good details in flight and planes trivia, but plot and characters aren't much)
>> No. 755
File 133649732442.png - (485.98KB , 704x528 , vlcsnap-2011-12-28-22h52m09s200.png )
It's a bit unrelated but she looks like another anime character I've seen before.

Here is the character I'm talking about, she's not from an anime about flying but I figured I should just point out my observation.
>> No. 756
Personally she reminded me of Sanya, which kinda led me to inquire here. Not to mention that SW fans would be more likely to be knowledgeable on the subject.

Thanks a lot!
>> No. 757
801st TTS Airbats.
I haven't finished it though.
It's about some Women JASDF T-4 Pilots and one guy.

It would have been also nice if that manga, Red Prowling Devil made it into anime. It revolved around a lady Mi-G-29 pilot, kinda similar to Shin Kazama of Area88. Well it's virtually an unheard of title anyway.
>> No. 769
The latter one had me up until 3:45 in the morning. It was sad, but a wonderful story. I'm glad I took time to browse the off topic section.

In fact, I just might write something akin to this. Congratulations for your fine choice.
>> No. 770
This one, I lol'd. I loved the one toward the end with the Zero. Also, Ruskies were fun too.

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