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File 134020543884.jpg - (103.51KB , 630x770 , vividred.jpg )
782 No. 782
Very short shorts worn by girls->designed by Takamura=character designer of Strike Witches anime.

In Strike Witches, the girls going no-pants had reasons because of their Strikers, but here?

I'm starting to think that he's just a lolicon.
rant aside

Some sort of Sci-Fi plot with girls as protagonists.

Possible features of the anime:
*The theme is "friendship"?
*The heroine is a 14-year-old girl
*The director is also designing the characters
*The genre is "girl science-fiction action"
*There are five main heroines
*The heroine lives with her little sister and grandfather
*The heroine's family live an impoverished life in various ways
*Overseeing the series scripts is the director and the main writer
*There is a mecha designer in the main staff
*It is a peaceful world where science has solved all problems
*The story is set on an island teeming with natural surroundings, and an artificial island built by science
*The anime cutely depicts girls who strive to do their best
*The mecha designer has also been responsible for original character designs on other works
*The main writer and mecha designer have worked together on a project (or projects) in the past
*The main writer has created a manga's original story and other roles in manga
*There is a nickname that fans have given the director

I guess this anime will be another Acquired Taste type just like Strike Witches.

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