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File 131460875275.jpg - (24.96KB , 233x350 , Günther_Viezenz.jpg )
82 No. 82
How about a thread where we talk about who new witches should be based on.

I would like to see a land-witch based on Günther Viezenz. He managed to kill 21 tanks by himself with handheld weapons throughout the war.
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>> No. 105
File 131486141897.jpg - (136.86KB , 711x1024 , strike witches 1917 version.jpg )
this guy. he pretty much is one already.
>> No. 106
File 131486262487.gif - (87.20KB , 250x346 , hanna2.gif )
>> No. 112
File 131497119038.jpg - (44.43KB , 358x482 , Portrait-Mature.jpg )
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
>> No. 117
File 131619912138.jpg - (138.43KB , 466x640 , GP9ue.jpg )
These two
>> No. 118
File 131649732574.gif - (1.14MB , 321x213 , 1236766960_ww2-german_rifle_vs_allied_brick.gif )
This British/Canadian soldier.

Except he stays the same and continues throwing bricks.
>> No. 132
File 13198443202.jpg - (25.58KB , 475x302 , ted williams.jpg )
Not an ace, and he was only a flight instructor during WW2, but Ted Williams was an interesting person.
>> No. 1015
Tom of Finland
Make him a girl serving in some Suomus auxillary who draws just the most over the top drawings of witches.
>> No. 1016
>Every time I see this damn gif...
>...My sides can't take any more...
>> No. 1032
I've always thought that Keith Miller would make for a lively addition to the list.

>> No. 1033
How is she not a witch yet.
>> No. 1034
Maybe she's famous for being non-witch pilot
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