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File 134924474860.jpg - (55.38KB , 1024x576 , STRIKE WITCHES - 05 - Large 15.jpg )
891 No. 891
Dear Helma.us Readers and Moderators, would you like a CYOA story about Strike Witches her at /ot/?
Something like old good "zeon quest" from 4chan.
I could do that maybe once a week, or more often, or less often...
But i would need a prof reader to help me.
Also questions:
1. Who you want to be a main character (some random/custom witch or a Warlock will be best IMHO).
2. During what part of WW2 you want it?
3. Do you want a NSFW material in story too?
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>> No. 892
File 134924504833.jpg - (74.42KB , 400x400 , foreversidecharacters.jpg )
I want Waltrud Krupinski to be the protagonist. I want it to take place in the vicinity of Petrograd, as that is where the 502nd is located. I want it to take place in the winter, shortly after the arrival of Sadako, and I want it to be "PG-13,"

alternatively I can write that story myself and you can do what you like.
>> No. 893
I'm just going to tell you right now, a male protagonist will not be welcomed openly. So definitely a witch. I don't particularly care about the other two.
>> No. 896
D: how can a MALE PROTAGONIST be not wanted in this all FEMALE universe?
Krupinski is a great ace, but i would prefer a non "canonical" witch as a hero of a story.
I hope that yours story will be great.
No, i know it! :3
Ok, ok. Let's see what other users think.
>> No. 897

mostly because there are more dykes in the average joint fighter wing than in all of Holland
>> No. 899
Love can change anything, or something like that...

SO you want a female on female action? You Perverts!
>> No. 900

>> No. 901
Yaoists would not say so...

So do you have aany ideas for Characters in this CYOA? My friend could draw them.
>> No. 904
well, at the very least you need the Tsundere, the Super Ace, the Ne'er-do-well and the bumbling idiot. are you going to use an established wing?
>> No. 905
How to say it...
I will be making a Busou Shinki CYOA first at Busou Shniki World forum.
Maybe i could do both at the same time, i don't know. I need a proofreader also.
Probably all characters will be a OC.
>> No. 908

I detest the idea of CYOA threads but if you really feel you must then make use it isn't an alternative universe set in an alternative universe like Planefags game is. No aliens either, that was really lame. (Stick to neuroi.)

Try not to use already established characters, even if they have few appearences in canonical material. It's the worst part about Planefags threads (aside the aliens), is that the established characters he uses are but a shadow of their former selves.

The upside to using original character is that you can write them how you want without treading on anyones toes. If they are OC then I have no problem with it being NSFW (as long as they characters at a reasonable age)
>> No. 909
So would nsfw stuff be okay if they're 13 or 14? Like, what's the lower limit here?
>> No. 910
>Dear Helma.us Readers and Moderators, would you like a CYOA story about Strike Witches her at /ot/?

It's not against the rules so go ahead.

>3. Do you want a NSFW material in story too?

I don't care about NSFW text. If for some reason there's an NSFW image and it's absolutely essential to the thread, you can post it with a spoiler.
>> No. 912
That's kinda young. I was thinking 16 minimum. Mostly because in certain countries any sort of work depicting children in a sexual manner is against the law.

I can understand that young children too are curious things but perhaps if you can't write anything nice about a 13 year old, it's best kept for elsewhere.

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