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File 135094795773.jpg - (38.79KB , 450x590 , stripper.jpg )
917 No. 917
So like, just a minor suggestion but why not make the /gup/ into a more general /a/ or /ak/? girls und panzer seems to do fine in a single discussion thread and it would be nice to have somewhere to discuss things like SnW and Upotte!
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>> No. 918
File 135096267425.jpg - (953.40KB , 943x943 , 1347468700892.jpg )
I was thinking that too.
>> No. 919
Well I was hoping /gup/ would've attracted at least a dozen people, but it didn't. I don't know if there's any gup threads on /a/, but someone should probably post a link to the board.

As far as anime goes, you can post it all you want in /ot/.

Even if it's just an image dump thread. I'm perfectly fine with that.
>> No. 920

up threads on /a/ seem to get a fair amount of traffic on release day but it seems that the show itself is less than wildly successful
>> No. 922
File 135105602430.jpg - (197.16KB , 1031x1790 , upotteova.jpg )
upotte thread time?

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