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File 135102935812.jpg - (381.44KB , 1280x1548 , l85 m16 stitch.jpg )
923 No. 923
So, would anyone want one?
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>> No. 924
Go ahead, but this belongs in /ot/. I'll move it later.

I'm going to keep /gup/ as girls und panzer only until the show's done airing. After that I'll remove the board if it doesn't pick up.
>> No. 925
File 135118480283.gif - (469.71KB , 444x250 , Ellehug.gif )
So yeah. I have no way of owning an L85 because lolbritain and lol922(r) and it's almost useless to me because lolsinistrality but I still want one.

On the other hand this show makes me want to throw together an A4... It would all be pretty inexpensive except the KAC RAS is fucking more expensive than most of my guns.

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