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File 135312156012.jpg - (339.83KB , 452x1000 , bs olbern2.jpg )
943 No. 943
Shall we start a Busou Shinki Thread too? I love the action figures and the anime.
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>> No. 944
I have enjoyed it so far. is it worth it to watch the 5 minute shorts?
>> No. 947
I believe the shorts were compiled into a single OVA that Commie released. It's basically the story of how Ann met Mastah.
>> No. 950
File 135332719456.jpg - (385.57KB , 1200x1360 , altrene.jpg )
I haven't watched it yet but it's worth giving a try.
>> No. 956
All I ever wanted was the Fort Bragg fig, either version...

...It eventually got to the point of wanting to get a blank body and use expansion parts to make her...

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