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File 135433880350.jpg - (116.68KB , 500x400 , NOPLANEFAGNO.jpg )
970 No. 970
I'm sure most people have heard about Strike Witches Quest, but I just found out that there's a whole board of it's fans.


There's a bunch of threads and even an archive all of the CYOA stuff /tg/ has been making in there.
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>> No. 971
File 135434288835.jpg - (221.88KB , 600x600 , 1306192402747.jpg )
you smell that,

it's autism

we've been over this already, it boils down to nothing more than a sick rape fantasy.
>> No. 972
yeah....swq is shit
>> No. 973
Be nice, guys.
>> No. 974
There already is a thread about SWQ, and there is a reason why it's buried deep in /ot/ log.
>> No. 1135
File 137101001849.jpg - (126.09KB , 700x910 , strike witches x my little pony.jpg )
>can post blatantly /a/ Strike Witches stuff on /tg/
>post something with the slightest whiff of /mlp/ that's still completely tabletop game related, instant ban

So unfair.
>> No. 1137
Fuck off Ponyfag.
>> No. 1138
File 137273562732.jpg - (249.41KB , 591x600 , by 凹 on pixiv 34872052_m.jpg )
I'm sure there's plenty of other people who are fans of both SW and MLP.
>> No. 1139
>implying SWQ wasn't one big snuff/rape circlejerk
>> No. 1162
Dive into the Sky.

It was basically a /tg/ challenge in which someone made a tabletop roleplaying game for what is basically Strike Witches. Being that at the time I was the only one in my group who had seen all of seasons 1 and 2 I ran the game and the group had fun with it. Being that it is a TRPG you can make it as grim, realistic, happy, lesbo, etc. as you want. You could still find DitS on 1d4chan last I checked. The first edition has original rules while the second edition has WH40K:DH rules.

I was thinking of making my own version of it by splicing Maid RPG and the original Dive into the Sky to create a more complete while still simple game more people can play. So if you're upset with SWQ you could just play DitS and forge your own path with some friends.

I was also thinking of making a GuP TRPG but that would be a bit more complex and challenging for in-tank and out-of-tank gameplay.
>> No. 1165
Ah, I remember playing DitS online! Good times. We might have been in the same campaigns.

I was thinking of updating the system myself. I think the setting has a lot of potential for good roleplaying. It looks like you're going in the same direction I thought would work: keeping it as a "light" RPG, but adding more detailed rules for special powers, skills, etc. And making the combat more than just "roll a lot of dice and hope to roll high," but with actual tactical choices to make.
>> No. 1167
The main bit of inspiration I had from it and WH40K was having 2 combat stats with one for close and one for distance. The two stats would allow for having a difference in characters similar to Lynette and Sakamoto.

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