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File 144816728641.png - (744.62 KB , 640x800 , 4561b5bf-c639-4de3-cd2b-9dce011317b2.png )
8586 No. 8586 ID: 193208 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
In regards to Shirley, she's smart and resourceful,she's a great mechanic and has a vast knowledge of planes and cars. I'm confused why she gets stereotyped as a dumb airhead slut in the fanbase. Can someone explain?
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>> No. 9628 ID: a6b0fd
>> No. 9629 ID: 55275c
Criminal Breach of Trust.
But nah, the NSFW context you looking for can be found in urbandictionary.
>> No. 9631 ID: d5ff6e
I'm slightly confused on what's going on.
Surely no one cares what fanfic communities or whatever make and think of witches. I think everyone here is better than that and realizes the characters and the verse on its approach.

File 145354052339.jpg - (95.17 KB , 764x1561 , CF84i-GW0AA-N36_jpg large.jpg )
9151 No. 9151 ID: bc44c2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Perrine's chest isn't small, it is just perfect.
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>> No. 9170 ID: eeb371
and even then only lyn's boobs
>> No. 9171 ID: f5a932
File 145361310812.jpg - (1.37 MB , 2031x3072 , 01005567280.jpg )
Speaking of Perrine's tiny chest, this is on Mandarake. Haven't seen it before.
>> No. 9193 ID: 950bb7
File 145389652011.jpg - (272.30 KB , 1920x1080 , [philosophy-raws][strike witches II][09][BDRIP][Hi.jpg )

File 145300661067.jpg - (116.58 KB , 810x694 , 1440069361513.jpg )
9093 No. 9093 ID: bd445e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Do non-virgin witches exist? I know it's a sensitive topic, but I'm curious
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>> No. 9169 ID: f5a932
File 145360642842.jpg - (609.91 KB , 970x1370 , 8854804.jpg )

You think a witch came up with them? Pants seem like an odd reward.
>> No. 9183 ID: 3001e5
Seems really like an odd choice to be honest.

Imagine the award ceremonies... lewd.
>> No. 9185 ID: f5a932

I'd like to imagine they stay in the display case throughout the ceremony.

They seem more like an added bonus with the Knight's Cross/Iron Cross, kind of like how you would sometimes get a ring or a minox camera.

File 145225515593.jpg - (437.04 KB , 3872x2592 , 01.jpg )
9037 No. 9037 ID: d5ff6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This is the Geru x Geru (ゲルxゲル) doujinshi.

Not often you get to see dumps, so here's one for the doujin I uploaded around Christmas to sad panda.
Here's a link for it while at it: http://exhentai.org/g/886652/d38587fece/

It'd be great if someone gave a general idea of the stuff going on in the dialogue, though it's not hard to imagine from the visual cues.
Pardon the crappy camera quality and lightning, I lack the tools for most things. But enjoy nonetheless.
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>> No. 9049 ID: d5ff6e
File 145225532512.jpg - (633.74 KB , 3484x2332 , 13.jpg )
>> No. 9050 ID: d5ff6e
File 145225533754.jpg - (506.91 KB , 3872x2592 , 14.jpg )
>> No. 9051 ID: d5ff6e
File 145225537437.jpg - (298.88 KB , 3872x2592 , 15.jpg )
And the end.

File 144919309627.jpg - (120.15 KB , 591x607 , 501st spirit.jpg )
8693 No. 8693 ID: d5ff6e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
A few days late from the start but hopefully not too badly~

I wanted to do something Decemberish like this so I present Helma's 2015 Board Advent Calendar!
Basically, everyday a new door opens with a Christmassy witch picture to warm you with season's greetings.
I'll try to keep it around by the GMT midnight, so look forward to it.
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>> No. 8978 ID: f5a932
File 145162913837.jpg - (134.20 KB , 640x800 , CXjeWYJUoAAuDt0_jpg orig.jpg )
Happy new year.
>> No. 8981 ID: b7480d
Happy new year.
>> No. 9009 ID: a7b67a
a belated Happy Holidays to everyone!

File 145104167793.jpg - (40.68 KB , 432x600 , 477770.jpg )
8898 No. 8898 ID: 3001e5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Sorry if this topic is inappropriate but I wanted to know how you guys deal with the soul-crushing fact that the witches will never be real?
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>> No. 8926 ID: c2ac55
File 145129779153.png - (357.10 KB , 597x938 , 49169234_p0.png )
If I'm being completely honest, the community keeps me sane. Knowing that I am not alone with this special feeling helps.

I don't know what I'd do if helma died or all witchbros stopped posting in /a/. I'm not very materialistic, so I don't really have any character goods, even though I am a bit of a digital hoarder.
>> No. 8928 ID: 291708
But the witches are real.
>> No. 8935 ID: a6b0fd
In our hearts

File 144901129971.jpg - (4.63 MB , 2232x7268 , b64e1133c195c502cfd6c4c1447655df.jpg )
8673 No. 8673 ID: 18b582 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Why's the Not Safe For Witches board locked?
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>> No. 8712 ID: 8c6569
The page links work fine. And I checked the ''next ' button on my Win10 machine today. Worked fine, so I guess it's a problem with iOS. Doesn't bother me too much though. still appreciate all the hard work you put in to the site!
>> No. 8851 ID: f5a932
Let's try to breath some life into that board. Think of it as lewd general.

>> No. 8856 ID: 4a5206
File 145061718961.jpg - (206.61 KB , 725x722 , ermagerd.jpg )

Calling some of the content on that board lewd would be like calling Perrine slightly moody. :D

File 145028953964.png - (248.56 KB , 1000x1000 , 1433822577346.png )
8786 No. 8786 ID: 9a0c55 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I feel there isn't enough love for The Raven of Ostmark.
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>> No. 8808 ID: cb50e9
File 145041424728.jpg - (781.49 KB , 723x1024 , d6b300c35bea97650a6ad86597c0e10a.jpg )
>> No. 8809 ID: f5a932
File 14504184901.png - (1.24 MB , 1181x1748 , 51040623_p1.png )
Season's Greteings.
>> No. 8825 ID: 9a0c55
File 14504578687.png - (120.34 KB , 456x472 , 18ebbce99ce55e6c69cfcb8bced0e0d2.png )

File 144962961979.jpg - (35.60 KB , 374x544 , file-7_1.jpg )
8732 No. 8732 ID: a6b0fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I saw Shirley in another costume similar to this one by a different artist. I've never seen that costume in official art. Is it just a costume for the character shared by different artists or is this from actual official art? Link pls if it's official.
>> No. 8733 ID: f5a932
So much Shirleyposting.

Doubt it's official. Looks like a Senran Kagura character or something, with the scarf and all.
>> No. 8734 ID: e7171d
A piece null did back in September has the same outfit. Went searching for more info but I couldn't find anything.
>> No. 8735 ID: a6b0fd
Like the poster about me said, Null did the same type of outfit. I looked up the anime you were talking about an the only similarities I saw were the knives and the scarf. Nothing similar to the outfit.

File 144842222366.png - (48.37 KB , 415x629 , someonehelp.png )
8619 No. 8619 ID: a6b0fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Someone please help me with this . It's really getting on my nerves. I don't know where I'm not supposed to massage her but if I do find a spot I can't stay on it for too long or else the bar will just go down and I can barely find a right spot before it's too late the drag the bar up where I was. I can't find a guide for this anywhere either. Can someone tell me on what I'm doing wrong? Am I missing something?
>> No. 8655 ID: 17ee85
Strike Witches 2: Iyasu, Naosu, Puni Puni Suru

I doubt many people have played it because it is translated, but this guy figured it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Zvbd06Ris
>> No. 8658 ID: 2fec74
Idk how he did it

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