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File 144962961979.jpg - (35.60 KB , 374x544 , file-7_1.jpg )
8732 No. 8732 ID: a6b0fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I saw Shirley in another costume similar to this one by a different artist. I've never seen that costume in official art. Is it just a costume for the character shared by different artists or is this from actual official art? Link pls if it's official.
>> No. 8733 ID: f5a932
So much Shirleyposting.

Doubt it's official. Looks like a Senran Kagura character or something, with the scarf and all.
>> No. 8734 ID: e7171d
A piece null did back in September has the same outfit. Went searching for more info but I couldn't find anything.
>> No. 8735 ID: a6b0fd
Like the poster about me said, Null did the same type of outfit. I looked up the anime you were talking about an the only similarities I saw were the knives and the scarf. Nothing similar to the outfit.

File 144842222366.png - (48.37 KB , 415x629 , someonehelp.png )
8619 No. 8619 ID: a6b0fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Someone please help me with this . It's really getting on my nerves. I don't know where I'm not supposed to massage her but if I do find a spot I can't stay on it for too long or else the bar will just go down and I can barely find a right spot before it's too late the drag the bar up where I was. I can't find a guide for this anywhere either. Can someone tell me on what I'm doing wrong? Am I missing something?
>> No. 8655 ID: 17ee85
Strike Witches 2: Iyasu, Naosu, Puni Puni Suru

I doubt many people have played it because it is translated, but this guy figured it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0Zvbd06Ris
>> No. 8658 ID: 2fec74
Idk how he did it

File 144130300548.jpg - (231.01 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )
8236 No. 8236 ID: 52d280 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Perrinu is so charming!
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>> No. 8384 ID: 4909df
File 144553324699.jpg - (934.29 KB , 1921x1080 , 53156565_p0.jpg )
Fresh off pixiv.
>> No. 8632 ID: c2ac55
File 144851974749.jpg - (123.21 KB , 1024x768 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
3D perrinu bondage!
>> No. 8633 ID: a719f3

that's awesome

File 144795973482.jpg - (142.38 KB , 800x845 , 1447650340508.jpg )
8567 No. 8567 ID: a6b0fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Can someone translate this? I can't find the characters on a Hiragana or a katakana chart.
>> No. 8579 ID: a678df

File 144780911825.png - (120.93 KB , 249x297 , swksnr4.png )
8557 No. 8557 ID: a6b0fd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anyone have the Shirley cards from the Kiseki no Rondo game in good quality?
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>> No. 8559 ID: a6b0fd
>> No. 8560 ID: a6b0fd
I'll use this until I'm able to find a larger version without an image enlarger.
>> No. 8561 ID: 425f68
>The pics that I enlarged from that pic

I meant to say "from that Mediafire set".

File 140415477124.jpg - (98.53KB , 660x960 , 10417707_626201274159909_1291042712356823455_n.jpg )
7052 No. 7052 ID: 2c665d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I found this picture!!!
I don't know if is an official art, but DAT ERICA!!!!
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>> No. 8513 ID: bb09df
File 144685439591.jpg - (55.96 KB , 400x711 , erica-hartman-bunny-style-18th-scale-strike-witche.jpg )
Just saw this in today's Crunchyroll e-flyer and this thread is the first Erica-ish one I found, so I'm slapping it here. ^_^


>Estimated arrival: April 2016
>This item has not been released yet. You may preorder now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

>Shirley is also planned to be joining the same 'bunny style' series ata later stage!

So that's Eila and Sanya nendos, Martina Crespi and now Erica with Shirley on the way. 2016's gonna be a good year.
>> No. 8515 ID: f5a932
File 144689746596.png - (659.58 KB , 809x1500 , CNl2mWFUkAAgbhZ_png large.png )

Erica also has a proper figma coming, along with Sakamoto I think.
>> No. 8551 ID: 97c80b

Its available as a wall scroll now, if you want Erica's butt on your wall.

File 13202439808.jpg - (152.58KB , 337x600 , 1260109903598.jpg )
1251 No. 1251 ID: a8c0a6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hello /sw/ fans. Where can I find the previous episodes of the current strike witches radio show?
>> No. 1253 ID: b52217
http://www.mediafire.com/mangafoxlite The Radio folder

>>587 This is the thread where it'll be posted when new episodes are added to mangafoxlite.

If you are interested in listening them with pretty pictures, there's nicovideo playlist for that http://www.nicovideo.jp/mylist/24675207
>> No. 8539 ID: 17ee85
Is the niconico channel the same as this site? http://hibiki-radio.jp/description/501st/informations

File 142040591478.jpg - (156.57KB , 506x600 , 13926932_p0.jpg )
7391 No. 7391 ID: 1ba170 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
>OVA is announced
>tons of speculation
>OVA is released
>dead silence

Is this what finally killed the love?
54 posts and 17 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8492 ID: 3b723d
File 144660281570.jpg - (147.39 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )
While I'm doing that, I think I'll also put rips of the OVAs into that Mega folder that has the Hime Uta mp3s.

To any of you out there that would want this, what particular thing is it that you're concerned about? File size? Resolution? Bitrate? I'm going to be making fresh rips for this and tailoring them for the people most likely to download them would be smart. :)
>> No. 8502 ID: be6968
File 144668981621.jpg - (234.30 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )
OVA 1 is now up but for some reason it only shows in 360p. The video I uploaded is 1920x1080, like the others. I'll give it a day and see if Youtube straightens out on its own.

>> No. 8503 ID: be6968
File 144669176960.jpg - (198.68 KB , 1920x1080 , [Eila] Strike Witches Operation Victory Arrow Vol_.jpg )

I posted too quickly - it's available up to 1080p now. ^_^

File 143174400652.jpg - (131.28 KB , 972x657 , 32158164.jpg )
7875 No. 7875 ID: 17ee85 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Are we being rused?
21 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8340 ID: 2e3ae6
Speaking of Naomi, I've listening her performance as Chieri, and she's really good (And Chieri also has some resemblances with Jose).

But if she get Jose, I suggest she should change her vocal range between Sanya & Akari.
>> No. 8385 ID: e7171d
File 144553415059.jpg - (280.33 KB , 800x666 , 53151151_p62_master1200.jpg )
It looks like there should be some new information about the upcoming anime released either sometime this weekend or next week.
>> No. 8442 ID: 4d585c

File 144503965582.png - (612.90 KB , 632x818 , helmadisaster.png )
8355 No. 8355 ID: a53a72 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
We're back!

Sorry about that error everyone. For the first time, I neglected to make a test post after applying a board update due to running out of time.

Apparently there was a missing semicolon in one of the files which was causing the error. I fixed the problem myself as soon as I found out about it. Had no idea there was a problem since I never post and the board is so slow in the first place.

I apologise - It won't happen again.
6 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 8366 ID: 4909df
How about removing the long dead dropbox link while you're at it?
>> No. 8379 ID: c6efb0

Just replaced it with the pastebin txt that's hosted here.
>> No. 8380 ID: 4909df
File 144547475563.jpg - (4.93 KB , 139x112 , thumbsup.jpg )
Good job!

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