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File 142726360242.jpg - (61.22 KB , 623x960 , 10917258_1392373827747456_6743555641626916976_n.jpg )
7761 No. 7761 ID: e62bd3 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The sad destiny of Akagi
>> No. 7762 ID: 1ded17
At least she didn't get Abyssal'd

File 142507402139.png - (701.08 KB , 1130x788 , 7smgmBZ.png )
7693 No. 7693 ID: 17ee85 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Visual Novel Reader can be hooked with PPSSPP to machine translate the PSP game. I have written a guide for those unfamiliar with the program. I myself am new to the programs, so there are some obvious holes, but it gets the job done.


File 142288873512.jpg - (190.62 KB , 500x701 , 1422858328463.jpg )
7579 No. 7579 ID: 7c6c65 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
>No Eilanya Hijinks.

Oh well, Sayuri Yahagi needs a job I guess.
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>> No. 7590 ID: 820788
One word: "Badass."
>> No. 7650 ID: 820788
Here's a new video for it (though it's wicked short): http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-02-13/strike-witches-operation-victory-arrow-final-episode-previewed-in-video/.84417
>> No. 7660 ID: 33779c
File 142415295874.jpg - (160.32 KB , 850x478 , GalliaTrio.jpg )
You weren't. My heart skipped a beat. At least Amelie is cute.

File 142329044781.jpg - (106.11 KB , 1280x720 , 1422887628552.jpg )
7597 No. 7597 ID: 35682b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Eila x Perrine post
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>> No. 7599 ID: 35682b
File 142329064451.jpg - (269.06 KB , 1112x447 , 1422896706351.jpg )
>> No. 7620 ID: 3001e5
File 142343500067.jpg - (170.16 KB , 614x614 , 1f3f42dded8539c1efa0b57f2c9f67ae.jpg )
Poor Sanya.

>> No. 7656 ID: 45476c
File 142400636390.jpg - (188.01 KB , 1200x1723 , bluesprite_0012.jpg )

File 142276698040.png - (120.86 KB , 660x825 , mm f-15j kiyotaka1.png )
7572 No. 7572 ID: 2e79db hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Fighter Girl Chronicle, might be Strike Witches related since planes and all.

Can anyone here who can read japanese elaborate what's this is all about? All I can understand is that it seems to be about modern jet fighters turned into girls. Either way, I hope there'd be an anime about this or something.

File 142255412550.jpg - (577.12 KB , 1280x1615 , 1421497915704.jpg )
7566 No. 7566 ID: a0c863 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Just found a nice little discussion on /a/ and thought that there hasn't really been any reconciliations about their exact nature other than as the designated bad guy.

I don't think there will be a concrete explanation as to their origins, but in the SWverse history, the fates of humanity and Neuroi have always been intertwined. In the setting, any things that would've been fantastical in our world (Other than magic itself of course) is attributed to Neuroi.

Ancient Youkai? Neuroi.
Medieval Dragons? Neuroi
Demons and Monsters? Neuroi.

It seems that Humanity and Neuroi were just destined to be enemies with each other as their conflict has persisted throughout history. If we were to pin a particular motive for Neuroi, then it would be because of the fact that they gain sustenance from devouring land. (Hence the missing landmasses in the SW world; they were casualties from Neuroi conflicts spread throughout history)

It seems that there followed a period of peace in this age old conflict. Due to the relative lack of major destruction alluded to in the setting's recent history and general lack of knowledge of humanity about Neuroi. However, during the onset of the industrial revolution and the dawn of magical technology, as if in response to Humanity's newfound technological knowledge, the Neuroi themselves awoke again and evolved from fantastical creatures to the more mechanized appearances they have today.

The short skirmishes of humanity against the reawakened Neuroi (Then known as the Kaii in the east or Ratsel in the west) later became retroactively known as the 1st Neuroi War. Further smaller Neuroi conflicts also occured in thr next few years. (i.e. the Fuso Sea Incident) Around the late 1930's the Neuroi began an assault out of the Black Sea en masse, causing heavy casualties and losses in the European region. Their emergence from the Black Sea also gave them their current Moniker: Neuroi, in relation to the legendary tribe that allegedly lived in the area in ancient times. This started the 2nd Neuroi war, which is the current setting of the SW series.

Other than Neuroi eat land, we don&#
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>> No. 7568 ID: 2410dd
Our wiki also has a pretty comprehensive article on Neuroi, be sure to check it out. Most of that stuff has been there for the last 5 years.


No. 7494 ID: 1ec5e6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  Hi, I'm Ikazuchi.

I work at a military store and we sell military patches along with guns.

My boss was thinking of expanding his line of patches to anime themed ones. I know nothing about Strike Witches as I didn't watch it. However, I know a lot about Kancolle and Girls und Panzer. Since I'm the only one in the store who watches anime, the boss instructed me on doing some research. He wants to know if anime themed patches are profitable.

Here's what I'm trying to do:
I'm going to bulk order 640 patches. There will be 40 of each design, so 16 designs in total. I already chose a patch company that has made unlicensed patches in the past. I guess they don't care if they're copyrighted or not.

Second of all, I'm going to use Patch-kun's designs to make the patches. Here's the link: http://www.helma.us/sw/res/4304.html#4823 I tried contacting Patch-kun via email as well as Kickstarter, but I doubt he's going to reply back. Worst, I can't find a way to contact /ak/ scanlations (Patch-kun is from there, right?)

Third of all, I'm going to create a patch based on the Kancolle Logo. If anyone can find me a filthy big logo that I can vector the hell out of, that'd be well appreciated.

Fourth of all, I'm also making patches based on the 6 schools in Girls und Panzer.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 7511 ID: b152ad
https://8ch.net/a/res/139088.html ← Current thread on 8chan's /a/
>> No. 7521 ID: 92e82d

ever since patch kun took my money and ran.

I'll buy all the strike witches patches. Also where in Canada are you. and why is your boss specifically going for the anime market when only you watch anime. seems odd. but hey you'll be selling to niche but open market.
>> No. 7528 ID: 1ec5e6
Oh, forgot to post the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QFPp2SforxWmZDvfhUt_uJdhziOZk2Q1N9T7nzjPYOE/edit#gid=0

I'm not going to disclose my information so that the copyright holders won't know where I live or where I work if they were to send me a CoD letter. After all, these patches are based on copyrighted work. You know how much of an asshole companies like Funimation are.

Boss is interested in anime because he has friends who sell anime related goods in the city I live in, and is curious how profitable the anime/manga market is. Therefore, he tasked me to do some research first.

File 142096827477.jpg - (141.94KB , 1068x660 , 10922786_556308401172593_2011623583068027423_n.jpg )
7483 No. 7483 ID: e1da17 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Look so familiar
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>> No. 7491 ID: 505f49

it was pretty good. really good actually the battle scenes..
>> No. 7492 ID: 4730f0
There's a thread in /ot/ if you'd like to discuss Kancolle further.
>> No. 7493 ID: 505f49

I'm good. Thanks for making the site, admin! :)

File 133187491120.png - (831.91KB , 1279x631 , Clipboard01.png )
2703 No. 2703 ID: fd5b9c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Trude & Chris thread
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>> No. 7448 ID: 17ee85
On Gelbooru, the artist's name appears in red. I prefer to use Danbooru, though. You can access it by clicking the image above the word "Danbooru."
>> No. 7452 ID: 7345b4

thank you good sir!
>> No. 7527 ID: db5764
>bumping 3 year old threads
>reposting images instead of just quoting the posts
>unfamiliar with reverse image search
>unfamiliar with boorus
I guess this is your first week on the internet. Welcome, but lurk more. Also get into Danbooru's prohibited tags and Sadpanda.

Generally speaking, Saucenao is the primary method at identifying anime images via RIS, be it searching original sources for general art or even old anime screenshots. It offers convenient online cropping and links to IQDB/Google RIS when saucenao doesn't cut it. Pixiv will provide you artist information. Or if you're afraid of moonrunes, Danbooru's wiki will.

For boorus, Danbooru for general purposes, Yande.re for hi-quality scans. Others are mostly poorly-maintained duplicates of danbooru database. e.g. Danbooru database is duplicated by Gelbooru with some junk additions, which is then duplicated by Sankaku Complex with even more random porn. Danbooru has the best community, which leads to best tagging quality, wiki pages and most soft translations available.

For porn manga RIS, commercial or doujinshi, use Exhentai's file search. Doujinshi.org for general doujinshi information.

File 133728666696.jpg - (1.26MB , 2496x3440 , SCAN0017.jpg )
3504 No. 3504 ID: dc714d hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
but yeah, didnt want to crease the book, so, sorry about that. pretty much everything is usable except one picture of Trude strapped up in this weird striker and aleks and fernie's profile pictures. I might just take pictures of them instead.

.7z incoming because i don't feel like resizing
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>> No. 7430 ID: 7345b4

what book is this if i might ask... is it the official fan book for the movie?
>> No. 7439 ID: 17ee85
Yea, it is. I have some of the other pages on this thread. http://www.helma.us/sw/res/7311.html
>> No. 7441 ID: 7345b4

thank you very much good sir!

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