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File 131043501479.jpg - (56.86KB , 429x453 , Amelie loves her toy.jpg )
12 No. 12 ID: b82920 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Needs more Perrine
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>> No. 5859 ID: b41607
File 136637847387.jpg - (89.92KB , 764x1080 , BGpaCPtCcAAXTax_jpg large.jpg )
>> No. 5865 ID: c7cd28
File 136643010156.jpg - (181.31KB , 900x900 , perrine bikini.jpg )
>> No. 5866 ID: a43461
File 136643207348.jpg - (40.58KB , 800x600 , 35075673_p16.jpg )
pizza perrine is best perrine

File 14116489323.jpg - (207.87KB , 853x480 , 1219361671728.jpg )
7209 No. 7209 ID: 262e62 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Due to an influx of spambots, links (and text) containing ".asp" are now word filtered. If you post a link, make sure it doesn't have that.
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>> No. 7232 ID: ab4e44
File 141240986575.jpg - (4.93KB , 139x112 , thumbsup.jpg )
Keep up the good work. We'll keep reporting them.

Are there any active mods nowadays, in case the bots get out of control?
>> No. 7234 ID: 57be28
>Keep up the good work. We'll keep reporting them.

Hopefully I'll be able to find some sort of countermeasure for this new wave.

>Are there any active mods nowadays, in case the bots get out of control?

According to the modlog, one of them still seems to check in once in a while. If things get really bad I might recruit some more.
>> No. 7235 ID: 57be28
Updated the spam filter.

File 131131038976.jpg - (199.11KB , 600x723 , 1276770155573.jpg )
308 No. 308 ID: 5c1650 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
So, I was wondering, since Eila can dodge every single enemy attack, does that mean that she could be the only witch to age past 20 and still be able to fight Neuroi? she may not have enough magic to make a good shield but she can probably still anticipate enemy attacks.

btw Eila = best witch Ihmo
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>> No. 7154 ID: 3eedfe
File 140928125499.jpg - (126.86KB , 680x680 , Eila 4chan.jpg )
Maybe it was Eila trolling us.
>> No. 7155 ID: 291708
File 140928403626.jpg - (145.99KB , 1181x1748 , eila is best.jpg )
>> No. 7161 ID: a678df
File 140979249030.jpg - (24.28KB , 750x421 , me.jpg )
Me waiting for the OVA...

File 132138569341.jpg - (272.46KB , 885x719 , 447757125.jpg )
1404 No. 1404 ID: b52217 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Nipa got indoor cleaning duty beacuse of broken strikers, and Lapra and Hasse thought it would be fun so they joined in with her

Non-Eila Suomus witches thread
Eila is allowed to appear too
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>> No. 6049 ID: 9b302f
>Does helma allow APNGs?

Apparently it does.
>> No. 6050 ID: da3bb9
Well, no reason not to.

Only some kind of special asshole *cough*moot*cough* would bother to specifically disable them, since they're 100% backwards compatible with normal PNGs.
>> No. 6051 ID: 9171c0
Yup, that's the beauty of the png file type. It has all its data laid out in chunks, and if the renderer doesn't know how to interpret a specific chunk (provided it's a non-critical one) it can just skip over it.

File 139481824473.jpg - (500.77KB , 600x829 , Operation-Victory-Arrow.jpg )
6857 No. 6857 ID: 84d735 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It's time!!!!
Autumn 2014!!!!!
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>> No. 7193 ID: 14955b
File 141129887230.png - (55.46KB , 250x141 , Neumann.png )
Short synopsis has been given on vol2:
While on a holiday on the Island of Sicily, Shirley and Lucchini get an unexpected call. They are summoned to the Crete base in order to participate in a Neuroi extermination mission with Marseille and Raisa of the Storm Witches. Can the four protect Lucchini's island of memories while they quarrel with each other amidst their war.

Also, Neumann
>> No. 7196 ID: bce463
File 141132862468.jpg - (6.98KB , 170x208 , newman.jpg )
When will we start to see a cross between these two?
>> No. 7215 ID: c76b1a
Vol2 Teaser is out!!

File 138543648772.png - (111.97KB , 600x600 , 1385348056804.png )
6657 No. 6657 ID: f87a2e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
mediafire made a mess of things so the link for
www.mediafire.com/karlslandbestland doesnt work. does anyone has the new link??
>> No. 6658 ID: 8e0d82
Dunno, but here's mangafoxlite for anyone who's wondering:
>> No. 6687 ID: b55fe5
Just a heads-up. The old MF links work again.

File 140436763584.jpg - (127.21KB , 1024x640 , wpid-Strike-Witches-The-Movie-Wallpaper-6-1024x640.jpg )
7062 No. 7062 ID: a678df hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Anybody hoping for something specific in the upcoming OVA?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 7137 ID: 928894
Trude is love. Trude is life.
>> No. 7191 ID: c73277
I'd love to see an all Romagna episode with Adriana and Federica, or an all Suomus episode with Aurora and Hanna Wind. If not, then maybe a pre-1944 episode with the Suomus Misfits Squadron would be good.
>> No. 7192 ID: af58ed

File 140920363473.jpg - (17.30KB , 254x200 , BwGIptqCYAA1HCD.jpg )
7149 No. 7149 ID: d21259 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
We have the cover!!!!!
A little small but is something.
>> No. 7150 ID: e6ecc1
Poor Nipa will never have Eila's love
>> No. 7152 ID: 14955b
"The tale of the passionate witches, dancing in the North sky"
According to the blurb.
First volume gets in sale September 10th.
>> No. 7185 ID: 1ba170
So the first tankoubon of Aurora is out?

File 141064718828.png - (265.13KB , 1024x1024 , 132296729032.png )
7173 No. 7173 ID: a678df hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Am I the only one who owns strike witches on vhs?
>> No. 7174 ID: d24d23
I didn't know they sold a VHS version
>> No. 7175 ID: a678df
They didn't, but the magic of a vhs player and the recording button makes it easy. Also, for some reason it looks better on my older tv than my newer flat screen. I find that very weird...
>> No. 7188 ID: 4151fb
And I thought I was old-fashioned with one of my PCs being a decade old...

If a VHS looks better on your TV than a BD/DVD/fansub on your monitor, I don't even know what to say. You probably like whatever color errors the VHS brings. Or maybe you just don't notice errors so well when viewing from further away. Or maybe your LCD is just really bad.

File 140955129748.jpg - (1.61MB , 1080x1006 , img197c.jpg )
7157 No. 7157 ID: 018dbc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The cover of manga about 504th and Strike Witches manga Vol. 2 based on the series.

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