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File 139882774751.jpg - (32.38KB , 400x400 , ApyG0R5C_400x400.jpg )
6929 No. 6929 ID: c31a5b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Our dear Humikane just announced the opening of the official twitter of SW!

Link: https://twitter.com/s_witch_anime

File 134922119445.jpg - (169.85KB , 600x800 , 331141918.jpg )
4535 No. 4535 ID: 566e7f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
(reposting from the forbidden board)

I've been kicking around an idea for a bit now, how many people would pitch in to try and commission null to do another doujin? He talks about money problems on his twitter on occasion and it would help support him so he can keep doing his awesome work if we get enough we might even be able to get him to do a large one. We need someone to contact null who can speak the moonrunes, as well as donate, the goal isnt set, since we dont know how much null will ask for.

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>> No. 5911 ID: 6efd8d
From 'that board'. He still has not replied on twitter, which is the only place of contact.
>> No. 6571 ID: eb7de6
>> No. 6899 ID: eb7de6
What if we somehow commissioned a custom Prinnie fig then sent it to him?

File 138454905318.png - (310.25KB , 547x310 , unnamed.png )
6621 No. 6621 ID: 60011f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
There seems to be a new strike witches game for andriod. Sadly I think it only works on Japanese ones. :( I hope we get it, it looks really fun...

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>> No. 6665 ID: 8e0d82
There is no way to bypass it, just use a japanese proxy.
>> No. 6666 ID: d24d23
All man I really want to play :(
>> No. 6834 ID: 89d2bd
....and it has been decided the game will be shut down in a month.
No wonder.


File 139208815285.png - (156.22KB , 467x440 , zUR58xu.png )
6803 No. 6803 ID: eb7de6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
We need more stoats in here
>> No. 6804 ID: 8f0e83
File 139214864937.jpg - (48.54KB , 400x565 , khk.jpg )
Nipa thread I guess.
>> No. 6815 ID: eb7de6
File 13925815532.gif - (53.16KB , 600x480 , 1392567555688.gif )

File 139047465729.png - (76.81KB , 820x798 , b7aa59b33d34d338ff25ace64f99b7be.png )
6768 No. 6768 ID: fb048a hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Been wondering if Tomoko ends up with either Haruka or Giuseppina. I remember reading the 1.5 manga and it seemed like Haruka was single and doing her best Ahonen impression, so just assumed that Giuseppina won da Tomoko.
>> No. 6774 ID: dc714d
I have no idea, unfortunately the author of the Misfits series died so there's probably no conclusion to that part of the story
>> No. 6775 ID: abf259
IIRC the third novel ended with Tomoko having developed an interest in Liz.

My guess would be that in the end, Tomoko didn't end up with anyone. She kept saying at various points in the novels that she wasn't ready for love yet, which considering her behavior was true.

File 138743642383.jpg - (62.73KB , 600x600 , 1365881117975.jpg )
6697 No. 6697 ID: d2bcf2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I have been maintaining the SW Media Info text and much to my demise, PasteBin has removed the updated text once again. This is not the first occurrence, as several revisions after the last update is constantly removed.

Last available update: http://pastebin.com/cH8CYbAy

That being said, I have been keeping a local copy as backup. So, where should I house the text from now on?
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>> No. 6766 ID: b55fe5
Well, Helma is eternal (right? right?) so the stuff is here to stay, unlike 4chan's fleeting threads.
>> No. 6767 ID: ea259a
Yes, I prefer here to 4chan, don't really know why.
>> No. 6769 ID: d26520
Long live Helma! It's just that I lurk in 4chan more than I do here, and therefore, it might be easier to find me there.

Wouldn't want to leave the paste and people hanging.

Regardless, thanks for letting me know, and I will look into here more often to catch the updates.

File 138704411829.png - (193.43KB , 324x302 , eila.png )
6686 No. 6686 ID: e9d409 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
6 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6695 ID: e15437
Haha.. I always thought she was doing a heart but now that you say that.....
>> No. 6696 ID: a5079b
Put a .rar on Dropbox or mega?
P.S. How does Perrine look?
>> No. 6698 ID: 5a649c

post a picture of what you want done and I can do it for you. I have to photoshop the picture you give me then put it into the application found in the link above. Then I can publish them to the site for you to download. Or I can photoshop the photo for you and put it back here and you can put it in the application yourself and customize it yourself.

File 138681630030.png - (663.06KB , 1000x842 , doge1.png )
6683 No. 6683 ID: d6aa42 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
such meme
such shibe
much tail
pointy ears
>> No. 6684 ID: d6aa42
File 138681665685.png - (968.84KB , 718x1200 , doge2.png )
so sequel
>> No. 6688 ID: 4e852a
how do i report

File 136140015699.jpg - (37.68KB , 300x300 , MED-CD2-10933[1].jpg )
5562 No. 5562 ID: 775f47 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Why the hell did nobody say there was a second run of hime uta albums?
21 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 6649 ID: 7e52b3
Thank you! Where'd you find that? Share/PD?
>> No. 6650 ID: e9d409

Okay, Thanks. I must begin my search! Ill post back if I have any luck with finding all of them.
>> No. 6656 ID: e9d409
File 138533363390.jpg - (359.86KB , 1920x1200 , Konachan_com - 40230 minna-dietlinde_wilcke strike.jpg )

There is most of them from the first season.


If you use that to search up the rest you can find most on kickass.to

The only ones I cant get is the 1st and 2nd movie albums

File 138515479656.jpg - (1.59MB , 2560x1920 , 2013-11-22 16_07_56.jpg )
6651 No. 6651 ID: aee205 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What's your guys opinion?
>> No. 6652 ID: eb7de6
needs more pantsu

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