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File 140545872785.png - (1.21MB , 734x923 , helmaless.png )
7082 No. 7082 ID: 6f2373 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Managed to pay the hosting bills. Here's to another year.
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>> No. 7094 ID: c31a5b
Thank you so much!
>> No. 7113 ID: e29aa4
I think we've just been kicked out of /a/ for good.
>> No. 7114 ID: 7e52b3
File 140730301882.jpg - (31.95KB , 195x260 , the hell.jpg )
I think you're drunk.

Relax. While there may be some sort of a shitstorm in /a/, it doesn't concern us as long as we keep the love under control.

File 140531365250.jpg - (266.02KB , 570x800 , ed3a02c0ae3bd2707a015fb0a8ca2b22.jpg )
7079 No. 7079 ID: 1574fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Congratulations to Karlsland for winning the World Cup!

Coming in after Hispania and Romanga
>> No. 7080 ID: 995dd9
i was reading this i and was wondering ¿why?
took me 10 secs to realize that

File 134232526993.jpg - (70.37KB , 437x600 , strike-witches-season1-dvd-bluray-450x600.jpg )
3929 No. 3929 ID: 99637e hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So I got this in the mail today. Strike Witches S1 US Blu-ray.
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>> No. 7058 ID: b077e5
I saw the cheapass funimation s.a.v.e bluray sets out of the corner of my eye at the store and immediately grabbed them. First and last time I've bought anime in person.
>> No. 7059 ID: fc65ce
It's such a surreal feeling to see SW sold in a bigbox store in the US.
>> No. 7060 ID: b077e5
What's more surreal is that this was an AAFES store.

No. 7041 ID: 9eb346 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
  We have a PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!
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>> No. 7048 ID: b077e5

Did they list Yoshika in the cast because they don't know any better?
>> No. 7050 ID: fc65ce
It lists all the characters, which I believe how the OVA is listing it's cast. They'll probably all be represented in at least one of the 3 OVAs.
>> No. 7075 ID: e22bb4
Why don't you stop that shit? Seriously. "HURR YOSHIKA IZ STUPID!!1" is kiddish and lame. Sage.

File 14040063725.jpg - (102.16KB , 1440x810 , sanya.jpg )
7049 No. 7049 ID: a678df hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Proof on Sanya coming out of the closet!

File 140318812061.jpg - (69.27KB , 475x1024 , 36322975_p7.jpg )
7015 No. 7015 ID: 2e394c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How do you feel about futa witches?
Shirley is best futa witch.
>> No. 7028 ID: 4730f0
This discussion should be taken to /nsfw/.

File 140261430448.png - (182.31KB , 600x849 , 856632799.png )
7000 No. 7000 ID: 0366a7 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 7005 ID: 0366a7
File 140267892593.jpg - (137.93KB , 500x666 , 44060219.jpg )
>> No. 7006 ID: 0366a7
File 140267911160.png - (613.35KB , 750x1500 , 44067086.png )
>> No. 7010 ID: a678df
File 140298778435.jpg - (54.19KB , 455x750 , perrine.jpg )

File 139164898873.jpg - (585.47KB , 1396x2034 , 522.jpg )
6776 No. 6776 ID: c04b62 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
From Ecuador
A few scans about Shin Kyogoku Doujinshi: Noblesse Oblige
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>> No. 6974 ID: 15761d
File 140114137284.jpg - (605.14KB , 1422x2034 , 006.jpg )
>> No. 6975 ID: 15761d
File 140114159391.jpg - (489.56KB , 1357x2022 , 007.jpg )
>> No. 6976 ID: 15761d
File 140114160991.jpg - (493.76KB , 1357x2022 , 008.jpg )

File 140034147757.jpg - (26.83KB , 700x950 , 91ed15762b3e8b36dab87066cfeac72b.jpg )
6953 No. 6953 ID: eb7de6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Lets talk about witchbutts.
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>> No. 6955 ID: a301b9
Oi, let's not get into this pointless circlejerking like in the /a/ threads.
>> No. 6959 ID: eb7de6
File 14003789926.jpg - (146.21KB , 867x1200 , 33770686.jpg )

shhh~ just let it happen
>> No. 6962 ID: a301b9
I mean, the whole question is rather silly since it depends 85% on the particular fan artist's interpretation and drawing style...

File 138014416924.jpg - (55.11KB , 283x400 , 51aydjqfsnl_sl500_aaa_zps3b0f770b.jpg )
6447 No. 6447 ID: 60011f hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Rightstuf has put up the Strike Witches:Maidens in the Sky (English) for pre-order, I know I will be picking it up. Any of you?
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>> No. 6662 ID: abf259
Since Maidens in the Sky is such an old project and an AU to boot, I wonder if Junko's character is evenly remotely the same in the upcoming 504 manga.
>> No. 6667 ID: 89d2bd
She wasn't drastically different in the 1st DS game from what she was in MitS.
Of course, there'll be author's interpretation and whatnot, but I don't think they'll have complete overhaul of the character or anything like it.
>> No. 6956 ID: a301b9
I just finished reading volume 2 of Maidens in the Sky which came in the mail today.


- This is somewhat fun as a "wacky shounen comedy" version of Strike Witches, but I'm glad the main series isn't like that. They even have Fourth Wall-breaking humor, ha. The cave episode reminded me of S2E9, with the booby traps and moving statue guardian (I hated that episode, though...poor Perrine getting the shaft).
- The "School Arc" and "Magical Girl Arc" at the end was hilarious, though.
- It seems like the 504th are getting a lot of push to be the new popular unit, so it's funny seeing them mentioned here from way back in 2008 (the volume's JP publication date). Was it planned even back then?
- You can tell this is from early in the franchise's development since Eila and Sanya aren't 100% lezzing out 24/7.
- I wonder where Eila had those doll-sized EGL-like clothes? Is this the reveal of an embarrassing hobby?
- Suwa Goshiki is actually really cute. I want to stroke her ears.

Now I can't till next month when the 1.5 manga comes out. Yay, Helma-chan!

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