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File 131510143862.jpg - (117.74KB , 500x500 , 18825006_p15.jpg )
771 No. 771 ID: eef6a6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This thread is long overdue. Let the dumping commence!

Nudity is permissible, but keep it tasteful.
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>> No. 1519 ID: cf984e
You mean Charlotte fucking Yeager fast, right?
>> No. 1522 ID: d1ecea
File 132219221469.jpg - (246.15KB , 800x800 , 23269046.jpg )
>> No. 6149 ID: 0cf561
File 137260261520.jpg - (248.88KB , 588x600 , by ハトぽー 27713479_m.jpg )
Hey, I drew that. Feels good, man.

File 137254125486.jpg - (150.12KB , 640x480 , 2013-06-29 17_01_26.jpg )
6139 No. 6139 ID: 0cf561 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I have two copies of a lot of SW doujinshi and I'm thinking of selling off the extras. I have:

Keiko Kato North Africa Military Photos 1943
The Witches of Africa
The Witches of the Sphinx vol. 1, 2, 3
Idiot's Guide to Tokyo Harmful Books Regulation

If you're interested, just email me at the address above, thanks!

(Mod, feel free to delete this if it's against the rules, but I think I've seen similar stuff before and it should be ok.)

File 136975950046.jpg - (72.44KB , 342x800 , image.jpg )
5968 No. 5968 ID: 8b1133 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The third week of summer the first book should be finished(should be, no promises). I need to finish up with school then I can use all my free time on the first book and to get the main story line in order.
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>> No. 6092 ID: e9d409
File 137195824011.jpg - (75.79KB , 351x800 , IMG_3656.jpg )
Its been forever since I checked Helma, sorry guys. I would like to say I have completed it like I said I would, but nothing really ever goes as planned does it. I've been pressured down with work most of the free time is either working or sleeping. I have a preview, in a way. More of a excerpt from the story it self. I'm not really proud of all that I have so far, Ill post the excerpt if wanted.
>> No. 6100 ID: d07462
You may as well post an excerpt.
>> No. 6121 ID: e9d409
File 13723841506.jpg - (91.09KB , 366x800 , IMG_3603.jpg )
{“This is Foxtrot-2-3 we are pinned down by enemy hotel and indigo units bearing 325 requesting immediate alert 5!”}

{“Acknowledged Foxtrot 2-3, This is Slider13, we will be there in 4 mikes. Get ready to light up the bandits on our call, out.”}

{“Okay! Foxtrot 2-3 out.”}

As the radio operator began to turn around to tell his squad leader the news that the witches were on their way, he heard a beam shot from a Neuroi that seemed to give off a different sound almost as if something was being torn and burned at the same time. As he finished turning around time and sound came to a stop. His squad leader he had known from the very beginning of his year deployment was lying on the floor bleeding profusely from a wound on the right side of his neck. “SHIT!” As time began to return to normal he began to run over to his friend lying on the floor. As he was fumbling with the large pad of gauze in his hands the smell of the burnt flesh and the sight of the amount of blood got to him.
“Medic! Medic! Sergeant is down! Someone get a fucking medic!”
“Miller help him out the best you can our medic got separated from us and he's with Fireteam C in the building south of us dealing with other tangos.”

As Miller began to take roll of being the medic of Fireteam A all he could do was wish that the witches would get there as fast as possible.
{“Eagle6 this is Slider13, do you uh- have eyes on foxtrot2-3? Over.”}

{“Slider13, we showing signs of forty plus infantry units and 15 heavys in Foxtrot's immediate area. Also we are showing signs of enemy fighters headed your way, Over”}
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 136945269866.jpg - (49.63KB , 450x446 , 1358461898112.jpg )
5949 No. 5949 ID: 218f71 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Get Hype!

"North American manga publisher Seven Seas Entertainment revealed on Friday that it will release Yuuki Tanaka's Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky series. Humikane Shimada and Projekt Kagonish's multimedia work Strike Witches is arguably best known for the anime version, but it also spawned several manga, including Tanaka's two-volume version than ran in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Comp Ace magazine in 2008."
"Update: Seven Seas added that it is "starting with Maidens in the Sky, then the other full length manga chronologically, as released in Japan."
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>> No. 5956 ID: 898c81
File 136960061533.jpg - (59.04KB , 850x478 , 136580103531.jpg )
>> No. 6019 ID: 0cf561
I didn't expect this to ever happen, but it's super awesome news.

The only problem is the wait will be foreeeever. Plus, it'll take even longer for them to get to One-Winged Witches, the series I'm most interested in (btw, does that have any actual yuri in it?).
>> No. 6102 ID: 0cf561
File 137216995167.gif - (440.40KB , 500x629 , elma animated.gif )
Maybe someday they'll license the light novels too...ah ha ha, but seriously, at least I can dream.

File 136460160165.png - (361.57KB , 1280x720 , [Commie] Vividred Operation - 12 [F4E5860F]_mkv_sn.png )
5739 No. 5739 ID: 148887 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Now that Vividred's ended, the director should be back to work on season 3, right?
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>> No. 5844 ID: 8f0e83
>> No. 5857 ID: 8f0e83
File 136628885132.jpg - (222.23KB , 800x533 , Agon1366284938[1].jpg )
Looks like Sega is continuing with the rest of the 504th.
>> No. 6101 ID: 0cf561
File 137216963246.jpg - (275.24KB , 600x500 , 1288545189261.jpg )
Well, it might not be all of the 504th. Takei Junko was in S2, the manga, and one of the VN games IIRC.

But if 504th was groomed as the next main Witch group, I'd be quite fine with that. Largely for this reason.

File 137135440346.jpg - (125.42KB , 951x721 , 1370883491520.jpg )
6052 No. 6052 ID: 898c81 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
What's the story of the picture on the right?
Did Humikane say anything about it?
>> No. 6056 ID: 645a3c
File 137138984722.jpg - (21.18KB , 337x403 , untitled.jpg )
It's the nose art queen from from Scale Aviation's Winter War over Finland issue.

No wonder Fumikane would read and be inspired by something like that.

File 136404874737.jpg - (300.46KB , 1260x869 , 0004cover-sample.jpg )
5712 No. 5712 ID: 4fb448 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Not much is discussed about Hannalore Kummel and gang, isnt it?
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>> No. 5729 ID: e580ce
>> No. 5733 ID: 87100f
Fuck, why didn't I discover that one earlier?
I'd include that one in my doujin order.
>> No. 6025 ID: 0cf561
Is it bilingual?

File 135658896165.jpg - (239.38KB , 416x800 , 1354796299865.jpg )
5338 No. 5338 ID: 3ad373 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Chapter 3 has been translated on the Wiki, featuring the introduction of Rudel.
5 posts and 3 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5842 ID: 3b5868

>> No. 5845 ID: c3c9f0
Well ain't that a shame... RIP
>> No. 6024 ID: 0cf561
Wow. It's been like years and years since there was last translation progress on the novels.

Indeed, we lost a great creator.

File 136649673558.jpg - (153.65KB , 984x749 , fdf.jpg )
5868 No. 5868 ID: c83ffb hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I would like to share this scan I made to all.
It's part of the mini pamphlet inside of the Blu-Ray Box of The Movie.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5870 ID: c7cd28
I want a heidemarie plushy
>> No. 5871 ID: 898c81
>dat panty crease
>> No. 6023 ID: 0cf561
I want a Heidemarie. Dream big, anon.

File 136988246339.jpg - (2.80MB , 4320x3240 , IMG_1939.jpg )
5969 No. 5969 ID: 7819e4 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
From Ecuador with love!
My birthday cake!
>> No. 5970 ID: 09af1c
File 136988790627.jpg - (112.06KB , 550x800 , 363970-by_youkan__1_.jpg )
How did those witches taste?
>> No. 5973 ID: 1bd978
>> No. 5981 ID: 5d6077
I just got an idea.

I'm going to have a Strike Witches cake at Christmas.

They'll all be Christmas cake.

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