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File 134821378716.png - (323.57KB , 1980x1080 , 507th v1_2.png )
4397 No. 4397 ID: a4ad17 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Patch-Kun is making vectors for the patches and I'm making backgrounds out of them. Here's a thread if anyone's interested in taking them. I'm currently using this one myself.
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>> No. 4548 ID: a4ad17
File 134929330530.png - (584.79KB , 1980x1080 , 506th v1_1.png )
I forgot to. Sorry.
>> No. 4552 ID: 49baa9

Purple? why not silver?
>> No. 4553 ID: 6b5e17
I was going for the "royal" look.
Plus, there's already a white/silver.

File 134310259116.jpg - (18.57KB , 385x196 , 1340396402947.jpg )
4008 No. 4008 ID: 239478 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
So here's a thing.
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>> No. 4519 ID: dc714d

nazi doctors don't have the best reputation....

also on an unrelated note, any more word on manga pal? the store is still up and it is still up and it is october... also i cannot find anything on their site about a closure.
>> No. 4522 ID: 87100f
I also find it strange that it's still up. I can however not find any reason why they would lie about that. Try sending them a mail?
Heck, I would buy the rest of Firstspears work from them if I Could.
>> No. 4531 ID: dc714d
ok, just to make sure, i -think- that sphinx ends at 5 but i am not sure...

I mean if manga pal is going tits up i want to ensure I already have the ones I care about...

File 134898365314.png - (20.75KB , 364x453 , SHIELD20OF20ZEON.png )
4499 No. 4499 ID: cc5b22 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I got an assigment for making a custom 1/12 Strike Witch figure from scratch.Could I post a work on her here? If the job will be well done i could resin recast her and mass produce then.
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>> No. 4524 ID: 5be8a6
File 134918477759.jpg - (121.37KB , 900x1488 , witchwithgunbybigbabyre.jpg )
ok, i got first order! :3
>> No. 4525 ID: 12cb96
How good are you OP? Any portfolio or is this a complete "hey bro do this for me" thing?
>> No. 4527 ID: 5be8a6
File 134918820550.jpg - (90.99KB , 640x425 , noriyaro_to_aru_itasha_honjo_026.jpg )
I am not a professional, I have build mostly a Plamo kits. It will be not my first figure (few years as a Warhammer 40k Orks player).
But I will make probably a LOT of mistakes and it will take time, a lot...
I can make a "mechanical" parts without problems (striker Units), but making a girl face... =_______= Ugh...
Now i am at:
IRC #aliveandwell so ask me anything, ok?

File 13489745685.jpg - (46.27KB , 357x300 , 1346953349517.jpg )
4497 No. 4497 ID: a4ad17 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Streaming Strike Witches. Get in here.
We're going to start shortly and finish by the end of the weekend for the first season and start S2.

File 134819268041.png - (459.66KB , 640x640 , helmad.png )
4392 No. 4392 ID: 3b222c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The problem has been fixed.

Anyhow, while I'm logged in I'm going to make a subsection for the upcoming anime/manga "Girls und Panzer". Humikane is the character designer, and there was some interest in the /a/ thread for it so I figure why not.

Sorry about the down time.
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>> No. 4467 ID: 796c7c

Nobody cares, go away!
>> No. 4468 ID: dc714d
well, like, i mean since there's the link here, i thought you'd like to know we already had one there.
>> No. 4470 ID: bf560e

I wasn't being facetious or anything like that. I just didn't know what else to say.

File 134776922399.jpg - (109.47KB , 673x960 , 296880_347493078671497_905465586_n.jpg )
4366 No. 4366 ID: 6a1f56 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
The time has come!!!!
Vol. 2 is near!!!
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>> No. 4403 ID: e7303c
Just started reading this and man, loads of fanservice! (Not that I'm complaining of course.)

Very interesting how different siblings can be.
>> No. 4436 ID: 87100f
Review by DrPepper from MangaUpdates:
>When that freakin girl started flying her skirt went wosh and all we saw are the panties.......
All other freaking witches are wearing only panties too while Flying?!?! WHAT THE **** is that ****. I mean sexy lingerie/ outfit would be okay cuz it's tagged as Borderline H , but why are freaking kiddes pants being drawn.?!?

What a fag.
>> No. 4437 ID: a4ad17

File 134823498693.jpg - (1.62MB , 2546x2357 , samune.jpg )
4404 No. 4404 ID: c1019d hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Upload test
SW character lists

502JFW(English) *Translate is not finished yet

World Witches from Movie(Japanese)
>> No. 4409 ID: dae48b
Oh wow, are you Yattuke himself. We actually had a thread about these charts some time ago
>>1870 but I'm sure the ones on the thread have already gone old, and if you're actually the real deal this thread should definitely stay

http://2d.moe.hm/sw/img/sw5933.png WIP eng 502
http://2d.moe.hm/sw/img/sw5934.png WW from Movie
Fixed your links for you

File 131181286718.jpg - (322.90KB , 565x800 , 2569144.jpg )
411 No. 411 ID: f03502 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Figured we needed yet another oddly specific thread
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>> No. 2442 ID: f03502
There's a bit Naoshi and Naoe Kanno because he was in Drifters, the new manga by the guy who made Hellsing.
>> No. 4259 ID: f03502
File 134541405095.jpg - (91.80KB , 962x706 , 29273104_p0.jpg )
New one
>> No. 4337 ID: 46f00c
anon, if there the same art with Pokryshkin, I'd like to see it.

File 134563734881.jpg - (431.61KB , 1110x1400 , 1345636454798.jpg )
4264 No. 4264 ID: 326a39 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I don't know what this says, but it looks important.
2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 4269 ID: 239478
Looks like the DS game.
>> No. 4270 ID: c6c2f9
It's PS2 game, release in...2010?
>> No. 4303 ID: 9fec25
The ps2 is still relevant.

File 133255901697.png - (12.08KB , 504x130 , 1332501621654.png )
2948 No. 2948 ID: dcac28 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Zero is getting a sequel which will commence this month, according to Ningen.

I don't follow the radio, when was this announced?
16 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 3182 ID: 148887
Thank you!
>> No. 3191 ID: 1ecc2c
File 133389149010.jpg - (131.88KB , 400x341 , 1333110369652.jpg )
>> No. 4291 ID: 1bdf4e
File 134631820293.jpg - (89.83KB , 320x228 , 1346244746388.jpg )
Ningen needs a new assistant for Zero II! And if you look carefully at the logo, it is set in 1939.

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