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File 132748730569.jpg - (143.00KB , 500x666 , 2232f36bf21a1a0dfa490fc0fb5ebfd9.jpg )
2172 No. 2172 ID: f7496e Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Before you nail me to a barn door, please take a moment to read this!!!

For the past few months now, whenever I've been bored or doing something I don't enjoy, I've been thinking about what to put in a few Fan Fictions I write in my free time. I think about all sorts of things in relation to my story, including things such as the "what ifs" and "why?". What I'm about to detail is just what I've conjured up in my mind, and this is coming from someone who surprisingly hasn't finished the entire series of both Anime and Manga. From what I've read though, despite the in-depth "research" into these creatures by the humans of the Strike Witches Universe, there is still very little to be known about these creatures apart from their structure, armaments, what the core is and how to kill them.

Are we ready folks? If so, then I shall begin.

My theory bore itself to me one day when I was, as usual, thinking of my stories. I had begun to think of a main character who had worked with the Witches of the 501st back when he was seventeen, and had grown into the shoes of a brilliant aeronautics designer who was looking for the long lost Sergeant Bishop, who disappeared some time after the events of Season 2 of the Anime. Anyway, for reasons not yet detailed Minna had returned to him and was on more than friendly terms... so the Main Character began to discuss what his recent projects were with her. I can't recall the exact details, but that's the gist of it...

Gimme a sec... don't know your word limits, will continue.
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>> No. 2180 ID: 759e08

Well, i think that the Neurois are like the aliens of Independence Day, them are like lobsters, invade planets, destroy all people and consume the natural resources and then leave the planet, the Earth is just the next target.
>> No. 2182 ID: 239478
Fanfiction goes in /cr/.
>> No. 2183 ID: 2da7d9

Relax, guys. There's no need for so much hostility here.

This does belong in /cr/ though, I'll admit.

File 132381239541.jpg - (101.46KB , 640x902 , 975335_142555_front.jpg )
1755 No. 1755 ID: 7c2b44 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
This game for xbox 360 is exclusive....But why CyberFront dont consider made a port for PlayStation 3 if in Japan there is 7.6 millions vs 1.5 xbox 360?

I just hope that next year this game can be in the Sony console.
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>> No. 2126 ID: a13dc2
I'll just leave this here: http://www.ksatechnologyhq.com:1357/mainsite/games/aige/sw/sg
>> No. 2151 ID: c9c7d0
File 132729940233.jpg - (783.73KB , 1280x960 , sc_sw_05.jpg )
>> No. 2167 ID: 2da7d9

Hah, I remember finding that mod before they had a moddb page. I even did some modding to combine it with the FHSW mod.

File 132731064927.jpg - (256.52KB , 600x796 , 1327295544306.jpg )
2154 No. 2154 ID: fde34e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sanya Figma inbound. Wondering who is up after her.
>> No. 2157 ID: 759e08
If figma have the five stupid girls of k-on and MUCH versions of Suzumiya Haruri's characters, why not the 11 witches?

File 132684983269.jpg - (132.65KB , 679x1320 , 1325989321058.jpg )
2078 No. 2078 ID: 5f5ff7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Yasheku become meguca and power my warlock!
>> No. 2140 ID: f03502
File 132718024559.jpg - (289.16KB , 848x1200 , 132168002671.jpg )
Crossover thread in /ot/


File 132651220240.jpg - (906.01KB , 2319x1536 , IMGP1706.jpg )
2061 No. 2061 ID: 191fd1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 2077 ID: b314f9
File 132684424423.jpg - (302.40KB , 1000x897 , CIMG7989.jpg )

What's wrong with your gun?
>> No. 2079 ID: 239478
Looks like a reflection of the local light source.
>> No. 2080 ID: 41d718
Then you should probably do something about it, that sum is clearly wrong.

File 13265219015.jpg - (217.79KB , 850x1151 , SW Keiko Char cover.jpg )
2066 No. 2066 ID: 8f33ac hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Since I no longer give a damn about the silly anime.. and sticking to the Africa manga, are there new volumes/chapters about the 31st?
>> No. 2069 ID: b48636
There's got Sphinx's witches vol.4 in C81.

Also, the comptiq has the original Witches in Africa Manga for commercial publish.(It's going out at 1/26.)

File 13263172871.jpg - (125.02KB , 512x800 , 493809990.jpg )
2052 No. 2052 ID: ae731b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Happy Birthday Edytha Rossmann
>> No. 2053 ID: 7143cd
File 132631735680.jpg - (42.18KB , 600x848 , 493988091.jpg )
Happy Birthday.
>> No. 2058 ID: dd7a71
File 132637491531.jpg - (150.24KB , 602x1052 , 494236380.jpg )

File 132617957526.jpg - (26.15KB , 234x375 , 234px-Luciana.jpg )
2047 No. 2047 ID: 216ad0 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The first witch´s birthday of the year

I love The Pantaloni Rossi
>> No. 2048 ID: 216ad0
File 132618006575.jpg - (125.81KB , 720x800 , 726d801d68bb276d8f620f7246eebfa4bb08345b.jpg )
>> No. 2049 ID: dedfb1
File 132626744019.jpg - (19.33KB , 400x262 , In my pants red pants Luciana.jpg )
rawr, luciana.

No. 2034 ID: f7496e hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  You know, on TV recently I just watched an old movie from 1960... a GOOD movie, a damn good movie.


Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Peter Lawford
Joey Bishop


Angie Dickinson

It was a very nice thing to see, very classy. And afterward, do you know what the very first thing I wanted to see and hear was? Either Shirley or Minna singing "Eee O Eleven..."
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 2039 ID: 7f5fd6
This seems pretty ridiculous for a thread, especially since we have two shitty threads that already achieve the same thing.

>> No. 2043 ID: f7496e
No no no! I want a Strike Witches equivalent of Ocean's Eleven! If not with the 501st JFW then another group! It was about eleven members of the 82nd Airborne raiding the top casinos of Las Vegas back in 1960. Can you imagine the girls doing that? And the girls would sing this song beautifully.

We'd see more of Minna in that gorgeous red dress! Just think of the possibilities under all that red!

And Shirley... she'd fit right into the shoes of Danny Ocean just amazingly! It'd make a good read, and good art.
>> No. 2044 ID: 4d2005
File 132609145722.jpg - (647.57KB , 2591x3624 , 23892389 - (梅吉@C81三日目東L16b♪ - オ.jpg )
Looks like Japan's already on it

File 131053651656.jpg - (177.82KB , 1750x619 , argh2.jpg )
60 No. 60 ID: f03502 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Don't forget about them
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>> No. 2024 ID: f03502
Not sure how to feel about this
>> No. 2027 ID: 239478
Man, I just glanced through these earlier and gave a chuckle. Thanks for pointing out >>2009
>> No. 2029 ID: d00ec9
>guy nipa

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