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File 131831661517.jpg - (77.82KB , 400x631 , cover.jpg )
978 No. 978 ID: 6ba10b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
sexy calender thread
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>> No. 1041 ID: ba5b8c
File 131845537015.jpg - (89.16KB , 400x633 , Calendar7.jpg )
>> No. 1137 ID: 698080
File 131920382010.jpg - (59.17KB , 300x420 , cvcvcv.jpg )
>> No. 1150 ID: 899b0e
File 131952600898.jpg - (33.75KB , 720x480 , thousand yard stare.jpg )
She's stylin on them

File 131829586099.png - (507.28KB , 853x480 , PDVD_1014.png )
970 No. 970 ID: a60d46 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
I was thinking about posting a bunch of screencaps from the DVDs. Sorry about the black marks on the sides, my screen is too wide for widescreen format...

If anyone can confirm why Sakamoto's eye is normal that would be nice, I think it's because her magic is too weak for it too activate, but that's just me...
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>> No. 1095 ID: 8f3d1c
File 131860821842.png - (1.74MB , 1920x1080 , Eyecatch11.png )
>> No. 1096 ID: 8f3d1c
File 131860824882.png - (1.77MB , 1920x1080 , Eyecatch12.png )
>> No. 1097 ID: d2d179
File 131873344767.png - (544.67KB , 852x480 , grab21500.png )
Scene improvement: 100%

File 131133754088.jpg - (46.17KB , 350x523 , 352286081.jpg )
3055 No. 3055 ID: 7fa8d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Posting this since it needs translation and there isn't a 4chan thread I could paste this.
Posting this here because lolRequest and duplicate file entries.

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>> No. 3062 ID: 589765
Not as grim as losing a few worlds everyday, never being able to advance technology, being more likely to get killed by your own men, and don't forget the slight chance that your weapon may explode on you because the people who made it have been using the same design for the past few centuries.
>> No. 3063 ID: ffa5f6

tau aren't grim, they're just faggots.
>> No. 3064 ID: 899b0e
Smells like butthurt guard player.

File 131819594313.jpg - (100.88KB , 477x600 , 1f171a7d06e843c328d482519bef8dd0.jpg )
959 No. 959 ID: 9430a7 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 960 ID: 960843
Happy birthday.
>> No. 961 ID: f03502
I thought her birthday was a week ago?
>> No. 967 ID: b52217
It was >>918

File 131819176965.jpg - (398.83KB , 1400x950 , 1318071847853.jpg )
958 No. 958 ID: b52217 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Sanya, why are you blushing so?
>> No. 962 ID: f03502
Francesca is going through puberty, just not that of a girl...

File 131441197339.jpg - (396.21KB , 750x423 , mawaru-penguindrum-himari-fashion-runway-catwalk.jpg )
3065 No. 3065 ID: 5ef98c hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'd like to see Sanya wearing this, or some cross between it and her usual outfit, with her cat-penguin as the hat.
>> No. 3066 ID: 5ef98c
File 131450423550.jpg - (182.75KB , 800x1078 , 1314455314871.jpg )
drawfag thread delivers, I am pleased
>> No. 3067 ID: 0add65
fuken saved
>> No. 3068 ID: d83bd9

That looks pretty good. Too bad I can't do any finished work that good (or at least that's what I believe.)

File 131660657281.jpg - (195.20KB , 800x639 , mae-ticket-02.jpg )
852 No. 852 ID: 6d3a99 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 863 ID: da4e67
how can I get these things?
>> No. 869 ID: 0e455c
>>how can I get these things?

Well, in the trailer shown "Advance Tickets and their souvenirs are sold exclusively in theater booths"...
So, you'll either need to find someone to buy it for you, or fly to Japan to get it.

Oh, and they don't sell those souvenirs separately, it's a 7000 Yen, Approx. 90 USD, Set for five straps and the Advance Ticket.

That way too expensive if you ask me...
>> No. 917 ID: 58f90f
File 131743586383.jpg - (153.08KB , 720x1280 , 411630343.jpg )

File 131541822554.jpg - (118.22KB , 1063x1594 , 1286141561631.jpg )
787 No. 787 ID: f03502 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Why don't the witches wear any sort of flight suit?
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>> No. 789 ID: f03502
File 13154237217.jpg - (179.17KB , 475x857 , 610dbdc8c3c0ac1612342f910e8535af.jpg )
Maybe they should
>> No. 892 ID: 5228e8
Simple. No panty shots.
>> No. 895 ID: 52b64a
She ain't gonna fly no more!

File 131660255071.jpg - (427.84KB , 1000x372 , pic01.jpg )
851 No. 851 ID: b52217 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 864 ID: f03502
File 131667212885.jpg - (272.73KB , 768x839 , Ace_Combat_Zero_SQ_Patches_by_AbioticFactor.jpg )
Next best thing to having a military Uniform Alterations outfit make ones for you in the middle of Iraq, like this guy did for his Ace Combat Zero patches.
>> No. 865 ID: a8c0a6
Do these patches come with velcro or are they sew-on? Because I feel like putting them on my army uniform for shit and giggles once in a while
>> No. 874 ID: 64c4e0
welp, time to go to the Exchange, I'm gonna get me some patches for my covers, it will be glorious!

File 13108653064.jpg - (37.80KB , 300x225 , Angler kid Hartmann and her fish.jpg )
87 No. 87 ID: 3d42fd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Time for a challenge.
Describe in-depth why you prefer your favourite witch to all other witches.
5 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 230 ID: b82920
File 131106034311.jpg - (497.53KB , 850x599 , perrine napping.jpg )

Why? because she is the most complex character with the most development in the entire series. In the first part of the first season, she is emotionally dependent on Mio's approval, and has trouble working with the others, not the least because she is literally within viewing distance of her hometown, calais. as the series progresses, she matures into a character that is less emotionally dependent on Mio, making friends especially with Lynette, and developing clear life goals and actively working towards them.

Unlike the other girls, Perrines development is not confined to a pair of episodes that focus on her, it happens progressively and incrementally over the course of the series. and unlike the other characters who change over the series, she doesn't change because she's forced to adapt (like when mio loses her powers or when Yoshika has to rescue everything ever for no clear reason) but because she's actually taking the opportunity to becoming a better person.

also, she's perfectly cute.
>> No. 844 ID: cf984e
File 131648001580.jpg - (584.34KB , 1062x840 , 5b106db3cd3ccc94d934a9accaee2184e659c644.jpg )
Lynette. Why? I... honestly can't say. She just stood out to me, I guess. I just really like her.

>That feel when nobody else likes Lynette
>> No. 850 ID: 899b0e
File 131658575779.jpg - (62.08KB , 500x433 , Military discipline at its finest.jpg )
Erica. She's a laid back badass. I'd trust her to keep me alive, and make me laugh.

Plus, have you seen how much that girl eats? That metabolism is really something.

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