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File 13117383495.jpg - (42.38KB , 370x552 , 356822366.jpg )
398 No. 398 ID: c36cab hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 400 ID: e408ad
File 131174036523.jpg - (202.74KB , 740x766 , 13360689.jpg )

Gracefully aging doesn't attract translators.
>> No. 401 ID: b52217
No, this imageboard doesn't attract translators. If you'd check the wiki you'd know that all the what-if pics are getting translated there, completely without the help of this place.
>> No. 402 ID: b52217
And yes, this should belong into the gracefully aging thread. Just because you like the character you should't make a whole thread for her.

File 131158874059.jpg - (702.81KB , 1000x600 , Engineers_are_shy.jpg )
360 No. 360 ID: 589765 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Just a reminder fellows.

You'll never be allowed to speak with the Witches.
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>> No. 380 ID: e34460
The characters are from the novel somus misfits squadron.
This picture shows the base's canteen, I think…
and male members are most likely watching the witches from behind …
>> No. 387 ID: 589765
In a combat situation they'd most likely be manning AA guns. Other than that, they just go around fixing things (Striker Units, Weapons)/building things (the Witches' bath) and getting yelled at.
>> No. 395 ID: 589765
I can't believe I actually looked up this movie.
And now I have acquired a new fetish for S&M Minna.

File 131093122073.jpg - (26.95KB , 258x570 , 258px-Nissinen-Ewacs.jpg )
155 No. 155 ID: f03502 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Post witches who aren't in a JFW or something similar (Isle of Wight, Afrika Corp, etc.)
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>> No. 367 ID: e2642c
>>Did they ever say which witches from the Suomus Independent Air Force joined the 507th?
No...just the original member of the misfit squad joined.
Actually is that the misfit squad. got upgraded from a squadron to a JFW
>> No. 369 ID: e2642c
File 131161408220.jpg - (60.08KB , 300x761 , 184966263.jpg )
>> No. 391 ID: b82920

someone posted a command flowchart for the 501st that showed who Minna has command over. I would hazard to guess that the main difference between a squadron and a wing in the strike witches world is not the number of witches it has, but the 500 to 1000 support personnel a JFW has to make sure everything runs smoothly.

File 131156851137.jpg - (591.62KB , 1280x720 , FusoShield.jpg )
354 No. 354 ID: 7b7bf6 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have pics of individual Witch shields?
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>> No. 362 ID: 758e7f
File 13116081871.gif - (84.91KB , 581x337 , Shields.gif )
Also another picture I forgot I had before scanning half a page from the first fanbook.
>> No. 363 ID: e2642c
File 131161254211.jpg - (430.94KB , 1114x1400 , 1310874899015.jpg )
Very vague but looks very similar, if not the same, to the Western style...
>> No. 375 ID: dfe784
Patty is a western-style witch. Of course her shields are going to look like western shields.

File 131117052398.jpg - (526.53KB , 1667x1178 , 20435592.jpg )
254 No. 254 ID: 757de0 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
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>> No. 275 ID: 757de0
File 131119981435.jpg - (51.87KB , 380x622 , matilda.jpg )

Why, just because it's not 100% canon and more of a test side for new ideas that maybe get adopted into the main series at a later point?

Also, I just remembered that Nipa's sister is in a Tank Witches unit too. They are tasked with retrieving the Break Witches from Neuroi territory.
>> No. 277 ID: f03502
File 131120118482.jpg - (59.05KB , 1051x1200 , 13828602_p0.jpg )
Pretty sure you mean Eila's sister, Aurora. She's been mentioned by the staff and named in a booklet. Here's some fan art of her.
>> No. 278 ID: 757de0
File 131120134548.jpg - (1.28MB , 2362x1330 , 18218782.jpg )

Yeah, I blame it on seeing a picture of Nipa in the Null thread and getting confused. SHould have just gone with Aurora instead, but then nobody would have known what I am talking about...

File 131113030488.png - (424.38KB , 500x625 , 20110501023700120.png )
244 No. 244 ID: 1ee778 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

File 131096675966.jpg - (211.05KB , 700x910 , it begins.jpg )
209 No. 209 ID: 4d4b1a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
It begins.

This board is gonna move slowly, I recommend advertising it. The pony fans only made an imageboard because of the amount of posts. Strike Witches threads get like 100 posts. In 3 days.
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>> No. 223 ID: f03502
only thing worse than >>209
>> No. 232 ID: 19aa2d
What sucks is that there are fans all over. /v/ even knows about it. The problem is that we aren't well liked, but neither are bronies. Maybe post the link in the brony threads?
>> No. 234 ID: 4c51f6

I don't really know why bronies would want to come here. I mean I won't have a ragefit if they have a thread in offtopic as long as it's kept clean, but I think putting a link to this website in brony threads is kind of advertising to the wrong crowd. Wouldn't really make sense.

File 131101278396.jpg - (77.65KB , 400x500 , BloodLoins.jpg )
3075 No. 3075 ID: 7b7bf6 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
The Blood Loins are a Space Witches Second Founding Chapter derived from the Blood Angels. Just like the latter, the Blood Loins are descended from the Primadonna Angelina Sanguinius and possess a level of ferocity on the battlefield unparalleled even amongst the Empress's Angels of Death.

Their homeworld, Estalia, is a Renaissance Italy-style Feudal World in Ultima Segmentum with notoriously heavy social stratification. The plebeians, who fend off starvation and murderous bandits on a daily basis, comprise most of the population. The patricians fare little better, for they must constantly devise complex schemes to survive in a poisoned courtly atmosphere where treachery and assassinations are all too common.

It is in this grim, medieval planet where the Blood Loins recruit their psychically-gifted girls. The brutal savagery of the plebeian Witches, combined with the sadistic cunning of their patrician comrades, has earned the Blood Loins a reputation for hitting strategic points with unparalleled precision and cruelty.

The Chapter holds a dubious tradition of issuing white panties to the Neophyte Witches, but forbidding them from ever washing or changing them. Over time, the white panties would be stained red with blood, be it from downed foes or grievous wounds.

Officer Witches, witnessing thousands of battles, have panties that are actually pitch black from centuries of accumulated blood and gore. Should one tragically fall in battle, her dark panties would be preserved as holy relics, supposedly imbuing the fallen Witch's battle spirits to any young Witch who touches or even sniffs them.
>> No. 3076 ID: 7b7bf6
File 131101659372.png - (131.02KB , 250x246 , DeathCompanyLogo.png )
An important note regarding the Blood Loins is its unusual lack of the Death Company. This is not because there are no Witches to fill it. Far from being spared from the ravages of the Black Rage, this Chapter actually has a slightly higher rate of affliction than the Founding Chapter.

Instead, a Witch stricken with Black Rage would be attached to a Vanguard Veteran or Assault squad. Her armor would be painted like those of others in the squad, and only her squadmates would know of her condition. Not only does this distribute the full destructive potential of Sanguinius' rage throughout the rank and file, it also makes easier the merciful euthanasia of the Enraged at the end of the battle.

This strange configuration is the brainchild of Battle-Sister Cenni of the First Company. Dubbed “the non-commissioned commander” at her time, this brilliant strategist and passionate warrior successfully proposed this plan after the devastating Genestealer infestation of Estalia, whose cleansing came at the cost of much of the Chapter proper, but surprisingly little of the then-extant Death Company.

Not long after the desperate plan has been put forth, Cenni herself succumbed to the Black Rage, possibly as a defense mechanism against Chaos taint, while taking a World Eaters stronghold. Her fate as of now is uncertain, but Cenni is commemorated by the Blood Loins through retaining her organizational brilliance long after the Chapter had outgrown the need.
>> No. 3077 ID: 589765
So, was it intentional for their power armor to match Neuroi color schemes?
>> No. 3078 ID: 7b7bf6

No, the color schemes are based on the Pantaloni Rossi.

Feel free to post an alternative color scheme if you find mine lacking.

File 131095264544.jpg - (171.00KB , 600x545 , 1310553954813.jpg )
198 No. 198 ID: 48be7b hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I am the admin of karlsland.net/sw/
Have seen this board linking to mine, so just come to say hi.
Also, if possible, I would like to have an official diplomatic link to this board (......which is to put a hyperlink of this board at mine)

2 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 203 ID: 4c51f6

Thanks! I'll work on getting a links section working right away! (I'm new at this).
>> No. 204 ID: 48be7b
>Thanks! I'll work on getting a links section working right away! (I'm new at this).
Take your time, do it step by step. Rome is not built in a day after all.
>> No. 208 ID: 4c51f6
File 131096164530.jpg - (42.04KB , 500x391 , thumbsup.jpg )
Just added a links tab with a link to your board on the main page.

Thanks for visiting!

File 131087402382.jpg - (172.28KB , 587x800 , 1264307006102.jpg )
98 No. 98 ID: 00684f hide watch quickreply [Reply]
posting a random image from my Strike Withes folder just to say Hi, I am one of the guys who more or less followed your thread but randomly posted, also the guy who kinda made the Hearmann Overdrive VN a while back. good to see the SW love is alive and well and that it has its own board now, good luck with this project
>> No. 99 ID: 4c51f6
Welcome aboard!

Once I hammer out some of the lingering bugs and get some custom styles made things should start looking pretty nice.

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