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File 148790050924.png - (827.74 KB , 1230x1230 , 5a6f9e2e98ea7f43052a47d95d53ab13.png )
12346 No. 12346 ID: e34375 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
We've honestly got nothing else to do, so we've decided to stream the first two seasons of Dyke Bitches throughout this week.

If you're interested, feel free to come in at 9PM EST (20 minutes from now). Refreshments will be served.

link: https://streamchan.org/#bigblackflutes

mpv/vlc link: rtmp://stream1.streamchan.org/live&file=bigblackflutes.flv
>> No. 12364 ID: e34375
Episodes 4-7 streaming in 15 minutes.

File 148572652191.jpg - (160.53 KB , 876x616 , 1485692490933.jpg )
12275 No. 12275 ID: 2a1d92 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
How does one properly bed a Witch?
>> No. 12276 ID: b58292
File 148574210944.jpg - (859.16 KB , 1190x1610 , 1395219505171.jpg )
Booze goes a long way with a good number of witches.
>> No. 12277 ID: 5bfdb9
Pull a gun out, then turn off the safety, then point the gun right at your forehead, then pull the trigger.
You're guaranteed to at least see a witch once you're in dreamland.
>> No. 12278 ID: 43a29c
Learn how to make moonshine. Then trade a mug of moonshine for each piece of her clothes until she isn't wearing any. At that point she should be willing to cooperate.

File 148513533657.jpg - (58.55 KB , 634x678 , IMG_20170117_193333.jpg )
12264 No. 12264 ID: 96af76 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 12265 ID: 68c757
File 148513633955.jpg - (56.64 KB , 608x740 , Ceiling Miyafuji.jpg )
That you A-10?

File 148298338191.jpg - (83.55 KB , 500x709 , CtZR79AUsAAZSt3_jpg orig.jpg )
12145 No. 12145 ID: 15e0a9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

As mentioned on /a/, I intend to sponsor/finance the translation of the Erica Hartmann 1941 manga. Having never done this before, I'm making this thread to ask for guidance in going about doing this.

Specifically I would like help finding a reliable person to do the work. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as well as personal offers (must be verifiable as reliable). Any experiences regarding cost and what not would also be helpful info.

If this goes smoothly, I might do the same for other SW manga series in the future.
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>> No. 12207 ID: 15e0a9
Ok, I just got a physical copy in the mail.

There's 184 pages, give or take two or three, over 7 chapters.
>> No. 12219 ID: 15e0a9
File 148404272886.jpg - (662.49 KB , 1500x1068 , 31581726.jpg )

Are you still around, anon?
>> No. 12255 ID: 15e0a9
File 148504381599.png - (172.64 KB , 434x559 , 146596192529.png )
This doesn't seem to be going much of anywhere.

I suppose I'll see about getting Kalevala to do a full scan. I don't want this to hit a brick wall.

File 148387742653.png - (2.31 MB , 960x1280 , IMG_3151.png )
12216 No. 12216 ID: 3cf0fc hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Georgette vs Ramen Neuroi

File 148372458683.png - (600.71 KB , 600x750 , file-3(1).png )
12210 No. 12210 ID: d7434a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Does anyone have an archive of the game cards? Or something similar? Because there may be some I missed.
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>> No. 12213 ID: d1b43d
File 148375117068.png - (484.33 KB , 600x700 , 0006.png )
There is also
>> No. 12214 ID: 15e0a9

That does seem like a much better solution.
>> No. 12215 ID: 69806d
When I'm out of bed, I will upload all the cards I have saved from an archive I found a while ago, it's by no means complete

File 148336434512.jpg - (1.49 MB , 2592x1944 , 1483318834174.jpg )
12198 No. 12198 ID: 998af8 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
>claims to have 80 dakis
>posts pic related
Okay, which one of you was this?

Are there even that many witch dakimakuras?
>> No. 12199 ID: 3001e5
There are quite a lot actually, but nowhere close to 80

I'd there's around 20 witch dakis.
>> No. 12205 ID: 43a29c
A man of taste
>> No. 12208 ID: f4c758
File 148349916579.jpg - (272.19 KB , 1920x1433 , 148096932735.jpg )
Only I have two

File 148313614498.jpg - (1.14 MB , 800x1131 , 33270247_p0.jpg )
12173 No. 12173 ID: d7434a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Alright, since I'm starting to upload doujinshis I'm going to need some help translating them. Does anyone know a type of service I can use? Also there are old ones I need translated. If there's a service is it cheap or free? Would they translate lewd pictures?
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>> No. 12187 ID: bc11f9
Heads up: you posted the same link.
>> No. 12189 ID: 89c37f

Crap. My bad. Here's the second one I was referring to: https://exhentai.org/g/611287/a97298e20d/?p=3
>> No. 12191 ID: f4c758
Anyone can translate this doujinshi?

File 148057922111.jpg - (98.11 KB , 800x1074 , 1.jpg )
11976 No. 11976 ID: 0ad0f3 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Like last year, there's a Christmas witch advent calendar for this December again!
Everyday around UTC midnight when the day changes, there will be a festive Christmas witchy picture to warm up into the holiday spirits.
So look forward to it!

With that said, let's begin.

- Door 1 -
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>> No. 12164 ID: 8864d7
File 148309761999.jpg - (1.93 MB , 3872x2592 , 3.jpg )
And from the inside, I was greeted by three big neatly wrapped boxes and a cute Santa Eila card.
Least to say I was really damn pumped up to see what was hidden inside.
>> No. 12165 ID: 8864d7
File 148309784693.jpg - (2.24 MB , 3872x2592 , 7.jpg )
One by one unwrapping them, I couldn't believe my eyes for what was there.
Alter Eila, figma Eila and a nendo Miyafuji.. So happy I was punching the air for hour and giggling like a little girl, and still am.
Santa really splurged on me.. especially since I took part in $25-50 bracket. Geeze.

Did any of you participate in /ss/ this Christmas? If so, what did you guys get?
>> No. 12190 ID: 222c32
File 148328393813.jpg - (407.17 KB , 2400x1877 , Eilanya Christmas lights - somalisu39.jpg )
Happy New Year folks.

Can't wait for the Eilanya OVA this year.

File 148235119631.jpg - (231.26 KB , 1920x1080 , 2016-12-21_20-11-59.jpg )
12111 No. 12111 ID: 640110 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
RIP Dora
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>> No. 12126 ID: c19edb
I wonder if I were in the group and they didnt know that I quickly sniff her ass and leave quickly before they see me flash second?
>> No. 12178 ID: 667319
File 148315604682.jpg - (350.88 KB , 1800x1018 , tfw run out of ink.jpg )
I made myself sit and watch this, mostly for reported Eilanya goodness. Omg, everything in the show went downhill, especially the animation. This is some Bubblegum Crisis 2040-tier decay in quality. I was cracking up at how bad the basic art is, plus the low frame rates. Did SL run out of time or money or both? Unless Sanya is nude sunbathing by herself on the roof of the Kremlin for the entire 20 minutes I am not bothering with the finale.

It's not that I ever wanted the season to suck. But since it does I don't see the point in avoiding saying it. I can't think of anything that I admire about it. Even the music was lousy, and the score for the two 501st seasons is something that shines imho for how sweet and warm and comfy it is. I hope somebody took Takamura out behind the shed and slapped his shit.
>> No. 12181 ID: 69806d
>characters further away from "camera" placement are poorly drawn

Never seen an anime before kiddo?

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