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File 147278303522.jpg - (45.09 KB , 1078x305 , Screenshot_20160901-142931_1.jpg )
11371 No. 11371 ID: a6b0fd hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Alright so I wanted to see if he knew about her. Obviously, he does, judging by the reaction, he's most likely embarrassed by it. All the questions I see people ask him they get a response. Don't worry, I'm not hassling him.
>> No. 11373 ID: b97fe3
Please don't.
>> No. 11374 ID: a6b0fd
I'm not. He pretty much ignored it and I don't plan on asking again.

File 14713395454.jpg - (215.17 KB , 2048x1396 , 13958263_10154422994833464_1516449774090813761_o.jpg )
11287 No. 11287 ID: eeb07a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Has anyone been able to find the whole image of this picture. I've been looking but no luck so far.
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>> No. 11311 ID: b0a660
also she has to do it with hanna
>> No. 11312 ID: 989c29
That too.
>> No. 11313 ID: f9ea7d
I thought we agreed it was pantsu inspection day?

File 131744446834.jpg - (313.85KB , 800x1100 , 1300982252365.jpg )
918 No. 918 ID: a3772a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Btw, how can I repost the images that have been posted before?
I actually want to post this >>689
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>> No. 936 ID: 5e4d8b
Oh hell, I didn't even have to open the link, as soon as you said "pron" I instantly recognized it too. Always gets a laugh.
>> No. 11207 ID: 92f40c
>> No. 11208 ID: 399815
You probably already know it but I can't help myself. I want to say it. Red Dead Redemption

File 147035444155.jpg - (43.37 KB , 560x560 , gauiKzl.jpg )
11195 No. 11195 ID: 340c42 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I'm getting this out of the way now, I've been writing a strike witches fan-fic involving a male witch, and let me stop again and say no it dose not involve a harem nor will it ever. so with that out of the way i wanted to ask, what do people think of male witches and how could people Wright them? also i just wanted to hear peoples opinions.
>> No. 11197 ID: a1b417
Canonically male witches wouldn't be a thing because being a witch is a female only thing. The male equivalent would be a wiccan, wizard, or warlock, one of those, which don't exist in the Strike Witches universe. In all honesty I like it being a female only thing because putting males in it would ruin the feminity. I think DBZ has something similar where it's usually only males that turn super saiyan, not sure because I've mainly only seen males turn.

I don't really read fan fiction though I've read a few. The worst ones I've read was the piss poor self inserts "antisocial otaku goes to SW universe" and it makes me want to beat the living shit out of the main characters because of their audacity and retardation. For male witches I've never read one that wasn't an excuse to romance a character or a self insert. I think sticking to canon works better. Plus a lot of people break character way too much in them. Never read one since.
>> No. 11198 ID: 340c42
Oh yeah he's a warlock, i just thought male witch was more general.
>> No. 11199 ID: 42d103
All I know is that the warlock from season 1 was originally supposed to be a dude. Or at least something that looked like one.

File 146836877736.jpg - (130.20 KB , 800x453 , 5919172l.jpg )
10988 No. 10988 ID: b26c20 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Kriegmarine in action
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>> No. 11033 ID: f71c2a
Right, but this is an SW forum, NOT GUP
>> No. 11034 ID: 5e2e64
File 146855678632.png - (100.11 KB , 229x253 , 1446676080219.png )
>brings up GuP originally
>GuP is another board here
>> No. 11035 ID: f71c2a
File 146855792646.jpg - (581.94 KB , 800x988 , 4a4cfed10d1201cd6c5aa3a75e23503c.jpg )
That Erica face!!! Jeje

File 145806663071.jpg - (50.15 KB , 510x595 , 47499026_p4_master1200.jpg )
9767 No. 9767 ID: 3001e5 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Are there any songs you relate with witches?
Not speaking of the OST of course but anything else?


For me it is this song.

Mainly because I believe, should I ever meet the witches, this will play.
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>> No. 11006 ID: 989c29
File 146849880349.jpg - (162.23 KB , 700x496 , Marching band trio.jpg )
Enjoy a fun propaganda strike cheese song. Well the half of it.

>> No. 11007 ID: f741ae
full link
>> No. 11010 ID: 989c29
Danke! This shit's great.

File 146587240622.png - (142.56 KB , 475x475 , --perrine-h-clostermann-strike-witches-drawn-by-dr.png )
10718 No. 10718 ID: a4dba2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I just recently created a new Discord chat server for Strike Witches fans. I shared with other areas on the internet where fans lurk, and decided that I should share here as well!

If anyone happens to use Discord then you are welcome to join and help build a nice chatting community!
17 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10819 ID: f40184

I didn't miss any of it. Helma and the Discord chat are both publicly open. There is no good reason to conceal them. Telling people they shouldn't cross-promote and cross-pollinate because you're afraid it will result in new people posting things that don't meet your own aspie standards is juvenile. If you have to have a hugbox go start your own site. Insisting that this one should try to be a wallflower so that you can be comfortable is laughable.
>> No. 10820 ID: 989c29
Reddit pretty much is relatable to being the Gaia online 2.0 iteration of modern days.
>> No. 10978 ID: 5c0246
File 146828703192.jpg - (126.86 KB , 680x680 , 7654556764h143.jpg )
The invite has expired and if there's a way to search groups from the Discord client, I'm not seeing it. Is the group still there?

File 14675108036.jpg - (120.70 KB , 1078x1513 , Screenshot_20160702-205012_1.jpg )
10903 No. 10903 ID: 399815 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I got that Congressman to rate Shirley.
>> No. 10913 ID: 3001e5
File 146757088684.jpg - (293.09 KB , 411x750 , CokeShirley.jpg )
That's pretty cool. And I have to say that you've got yourself a nice name there.

>> No. 10914 ID: 399815
File 146757171146.jpg - (20.90 KB , 246x242 , swisayous_1.jpg )
Yeah I'm pretty much a namefag because I use this board a lot. Plus Yeager-bomb sounds pretty cool.
>> No. 10915 ID: 399815
And I've gained a reputation apparently.

File 146755221842.jpg - (197.83 KB , 595x335 , strike-witches-pic-2.jpg )
10909 No. 10909 ID: afdf1b hide watch quickreply [Reply]
In today's news of stuff I never would've expected, looks like there's going to be an official Strike Witches tabletop game:

>The company said regarding the planned Strike Witches miniature-based board game that the characters in the game will fight giant ships. The game will be a typical battle game but will be strategic with objectives, and will feature collectible figures. Players can play as squads of their favorite Strike Witches to battle aliens. The company said it would like to provide pre-painted versions of the figurines.

>> No. 10910 ID: 989c29
That might be cool and fun even, but >planned. So, for now it's not even fully confirmed sadly.
>> No. 10912 ID: afdf1b
I'm torn because this would make the most sense as a co-op game, but I usually hate co-op board games.

File 145950960568.jpg - (321.76 KB , 1024x1452 , Ce764UJWQAEd724 (1).jpg )
9944 No. 9944 ID: eeb371 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Oh man if this is a April Fools thing I'm going to be so mad.
14 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 10561 ID: 34c743
File 146478302836.jpg - (281.62 KB , 900x746 , 6a00bb17.jpg )
Kunika box updated again!
Front of daki!
>> No. 10890 ID: fcf859
new CM for the noble witches LN
was hoping it'd be for kunika's box


kuroda is cute
>> No. 10894 ID: 34c743

just gonna make this the 506 ln hub
new website get hype

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