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File 145997049869.jpg - (862.16 KB , 1000x1403 , 398247d0d8412edd29236b9fc29e0911.jpg )
10029 No. 10029 ID: 3001e5
Let's do EMT's request justice and try to get some discussion going on here.

So, fellow witchbros, how did you end up here?

As for myself, it all started with a figure of Erica I found in a comic and anime store.
My interests were always rather militaristic and if you mix that with teenage horniness, you'll understand why I had to get her. That was a few years ago and it made me watch all of SW in a one month span.
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>> No. 10030 ID: a6b0fd
File 14599711362.png - (429.16 KB , 600x771 , file-1(2).png )
I was searching for military type anime I think 3 or 4 years ago. I found Strike Witches and watched all the episodes. Didn't really care for it until I left the GuP fandom for its major autism. Once I got into the Strike Witches fandom I enjoyed it. It was mostly because I fell in love with Shirley.
>> No. 10031 ID: d5ff6e
File 145997222816.jpg - (185.72 KB , 434x579 , eila doll.jpg )
How did I end up here or the SW?
For the latter it was simply the craziness of the concept and aces being rule 63'd back in 2008. Cute girls, pantsu, guns, flying, pseudo-ww2, what else did I really need? Well except for finding my waifu too.
As for former, helma had always been posted in threads over the years since its creation so I had been aware of it and paid visit occasionally but didn't really become active user till few years ago.

GuP truly has several cases of worse off autism in its fandom showing, but still not as much Upotte did back then though.
>> No. 10036 ID: a6b0fd
I wasn't around when Upotte was ripe, for GuP I was. It was filled with politics, poor knowledge of tanks and WWII, you name it. I've never seen a worse anime fandom.

On topic, yeah, Shirley got me back into SW. I found helma I think months ago while looking for boards to talk about SW on.
>> No. 10040 ID: eeb371
honestly no clue
i started watching when s1 was about half way done and next thing i know i've spent well over a grand on witch merch
>> No. 10041 ID: 2a930c
>well over a grand on witch merch

Same here actually.
>> No. 10045 ID: 57a27d
File 145998033232.png - (484.33 KB , 600x700 , 6785467890.png )
I have no memory of what first pointed me to the show. Might have been its title on a torrent site, might have been some article somewhere. I started watching fansubs early in season one and found the show fun and charming. The music was surprisingly good and the fan service was often ridiculously excessive but it never became obnoxious. So I kept watching. I'm hoping the 502nd will inherit that fun and charm and put it to good use.
>> No. 10046 ID: eeb371
i'm almost afraid to add up how much everything costs but i'm proud of my witch merch and they're all priceless to me
>> No. 10048 ID: eeb371
oh man i love the witch ost i listen to it at work a lot
which is a slight problem since yoshika's in a bathing suit in all the album arts and i'm on government computers

don't care though, witches are great
>> No. 10049 ID: ad65de
File 145998523256.jpg - (135.77 KB , 1280x1024 , 36cf8a18d3918a2b83fa2ab2b2da3c8a.jpg )
I've been a mecha-musume fan since around 2003-ish. I can't really remember how or why, but one of the oldest artists that I can remember is "dr ktanku", who did a bunch of WWII tank girls.


I found out about Strike Witches on /a/ before it came out, then joined the live streaming of it as it aired (if I recall correctly).

I eventually made this site because I got tired of people intentionally spamming the threads so they would hit the bump limit, the moderation not doing anything about it, and the generally hostile /a/ userbase constantly shitting on the threads.

This is one of the oldest witch pictures that I have.
>> No. 10050 ID: dd2f39
File 145998559131.jpg - (239.73 KB , 658x768 , Eila my Bride!.jpg )
I was in University and I was browsing Netflix for anime at the time, and the description they had for Strike Witches intrigued me (which iirc didn't mention anything about the war on pants just girls fighting aliens with strikers), so I added it to my queue. After awhile I finally decided to give it a watch on weekend and I was hooked after 2 episodes I liked the idea of the world, the action, and the girls. I watched both seasons and knew I wanted to buy the anime, and merch it's how much I liked it. Later on I figured out Eila was my waifu! It's been a fun adventure with Strike Witches since that first viewing and it's still going!
>> No. 10059 ID: bacfd8
I want to fly without driving a big vehicle, just put on a pair of magic boots and fly around is my dream. I don't care if I have to sign up for the military, I just want to fly in magic boots.
I love everything about the series except for fan service.
>> No. 10069 ID: 96f603
I was just chilling in /a/ and someone made a thread. I clicked and things snowballed from there.
>> No. 10071 ID: a91ec2
File 146032162695.jpg - (116.49 KB , 200x423 , 1447272158361.jpg )
I was already a military history nerd, so the idea of pilots I knew about personified as cute girls without pants was hilarious to me. Then I fell for the characters and got more interested in the universe. It was also my entry point for mecha musume.
>> No. 10109 ID: b6ec36
File 146056257594.png - (241.52 KB , 520x800 , d45e3413641929d4790c87e119610e5e.png )
Are you me? I started with GuP and was searching for something similar, although I quickly realized the two were nothing alike. I kept on seeing Strike Witches being brought up and decided to give it a shot. Instantly fell in love with just about everything, from the characters and setting to the music. Excellent taste in witches by the way.

I think I'm well on the way to spending that much, with just about half of the Alter figures, a nendoroid and some Figmas. I've also got the Shirley and Erica bunny figures on pre-order.
>> No. 10112 ID: a6b0fd
File 146058270321.png - (247.13 KB , 600x800 , 46822819_p0.png )
I guess it's just a major coincidence. I forgot which one I discovered first though, I think it may have been SW. Oh and thank you, I've gotten pretty attached to her character. She's sweet but not a pushover.
>> No. 10114 ID: ce60cb
This is exactly what happened to me. It just happened to catch my eye and I checked it out.
>> No. 10121 ID: a678df
File 146070865912.png - (968.49 KB , 1400x1000 , 1388182521849.png )
It all started in eighth grade. I was looking for anything that could be considered nudity and wasn't blocked on my school computer. I remember Megaupload was still around at the time...
What I expected to be stupid with a lot of sexuality, eventually snowballed into being something I was genuinely interested in. Then, I forgot about it completely.
Anime didn't even exist for me for a short period of time in my life. Nearly three years ago, RWBY started online. A close friend of mine mentioned some fanart of Blake with plane legs. Then, it all came flooding back into memory at once. I watched the series again, became a huge fan again, and eventually found this sight.
Sorry for the long story. ;_;
>> No. 10122 ID: f5a932
File 146071049256.png - (254.08 KB , 600x450 , 35376529_p1.png )
It's just one of those things where you come for the plane legs but stay for the love of your life.

Strike Witches is what got me heavily into anime. It's one of those things where you sound like a newfag for saying that but it's still been 8 years.
>> No. 10161 ID: 44b313
File 146110803672.png - (358.16 KB , 1000x1000 , 1269479807377.png )
I remember when it was airing I kept seeing people talk about it but I never bothered to watch it until the first season finshed. I've always had an interest in planes and WWII in general ever since I was a kid. I also started getting into mechamusume at the time cause I thought it was funny but I came to love it because it's cute and weapons are badass. What finally pushed me off the fence about watching it was the symbol of all things. Something about it seemed really caught my interest and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally broke down and watched it when my parents weren't home and absolutely fell in love with the series.
>> No. 10162 ID: 9e3215

I don't want to think about it but I've spent at least that.

I got into Strike Witches after trolls spammed it on /k/ and it piqued my interest.
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