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File 146236149370.jpg - (470.60 KB , 1200x1720 , renvjap.jpg )
10236 No. 10236 ID: 2c1114
In honor of helma reuniting with us post OTP
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>> No. 10269 ID: b58139
File 146242431048.jpg - (208.68 KB , 800x1130 , 0e3f96bf9896ee802d339cb1c2637eacbea38c53.jpg )

You already posted my best OTP. Here's my second.
>> No. 10271 ID: e0583b

Witches x me
>> No. 10273 ID: 55c21c
File 146243269210.jpg - (49.78 KB , 854x480 , 1219707790993.jpg )
I'll never forget you, nameless youth.
>> No. 10326 ID: afdf1b
File 146284563428.jpg - (93.77 KB , 500x750 , Helma_Cheerleader.jpg )
Do Unrequited Love OTPs count?
>> No. 10327 ID: 3001e5
Why doesn't Trude view Helma as a little sister?
>> No. 10334 ID: f78530
File 146290589699.jpg - (85.40 KB , 679x960 , image.jpg )
My best OTP!
Yoshika x Perrine!
>> No. 10335 ID: f78530
File 146290607147.jpg - (196.90 KB , 662x1000 , image.jpg )
My second OTP!
Hanna x Trude!
>> No. 10337 ID: 989c29
>That picture
¿Qué and why are they stoned?
>> No. 10339 ID: f78530
Do you have any problem? Loser
>> No. 10340 ID: 989c29
It's the.. proportions. They're all weird. Their hips and butts are oversized in comparison to torso.
That and Perrine is wearing her underwear to a beach and the way they're looking at the sky all glassed while hand holding.
Rather amusing fanart to me.
>> No. 10342 ID: f78530
I repeat again. Any problem with that???
Sometimes I've seen fanarts with disproportionate bodies worse than this picture.
And it's his style, you have to respect it!
>> No. 10344 ID: 989c29
File 146294312779.jpg - (468.42 KB , 830x1188 , dance of the night.jpg )
Not really my problem, but the problem lies in the proportions, that's about it.
Aye, there far worse than that for sure.
>> No. 10347 ID: f78530
But did you have any problem with the fanart? Proportions? I found the artist and It is his first work.
Just don't be so rude to critic
>> No. 10384 ID: bf84c4
File 146334597131.jpg - (153.26 KB , 779x1000 , image.jpg )
Hanna x Trude!
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