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File 146492095790.png - (99.28 KB , 640x448 , tumblr_mft48eAsgx1rw7vz2o2_1280.png )
10575 No. 10575 ID: 399815
That NSFW can be unpleasant sometimes, don't get me wrong but damn, there's so much unnecessary captions people add to the pictures. They're usually in poor English too. Don't know where they're coming from though, but it's always in bad English. It can be sometimes funny or sometimes annoying. Just something I've noticed.
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>> No. 10576 ID: b09896
File 146492269746.gif - (2.60 MB , 390x453 , l2.gif )
>> No. 10577 ID: 399815
I'll give an example.
"Eila is slut"
"Sanya is cock bitch"
>> No. 10651 ID: 399815
Just found out its just one guy doing it.
>> No. 10652 ID: 2e7377
File 146534734259.jpg - (212.96 KB , 1386x1385 , 1455576955573.jpg )

It read like it was all coming out of the same mouth. lol
>> No. 10653 ID: 399815
I think it is lol. It's too similar.
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