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File 146587240622.png - (142.56 KB , 475x475 , --perrine-h-clostermann-strike-witches-drawn-by-dr.png )
10718 No. 10718 ID: a4dba2

I just recently created a new Discord chat server for Strike Witches fans. I shared with other areas on the internet where fans lurk, and decided that I should share here as well!

If anyone happens to use Discord then you are welcome to join and help build a nice chatting community!
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>> No. 10726 ID: 399815
Well I don't see why not. If you see me, my name will be Yeager-bomb.
>> No. 10727 ID: 9a0c55
File 146596192529.png - (172.64 KB , 434x559 , Monch Monch Monch.png )
EMT please join. Please join and post about Erica all day.
>> No. 10732 ID: efdc5a
File 14659683523.jpg - (220.30 KB , 800x980 , 2621085.jpg )

Isn't discord VOIP? I don't wanna.
>> No. 10734 ID: 989c29
Lots of discords are chat only pretty much as far I know, however that's leddit affiliated.
>> No. 10746 ID: 9a0c55
File 14660153191.jpg - (272.61 KB , 566x800 , 918624437326fe533378d82c64bd08bc.jpg )
You can type or talk as desired. We're not mean, I promise.
>> No. 10754 ID: efdc5a
File 146606790417.jpg - (125.83 KB , 1200x900 , 57385709_p20.jpg )
I'm usually in another form of VOIP anyways, so it would just be confusing.
>> No. 10776 ID: a4dba2
Just wanted to say thanks to those of you who have joined our growing community so far! With close to 50 members, the group is doing much better than expected! Having alot of fun and I hope we get more Strike Witches fans in the future! :D

Thanks again.
>> No. 10804 ID: efdc5a

50 seems like an awful lot.
>> No. 10805 ID: 28d659
See previous, it's plebbit affiliated group. Which probably explains the sort of weird influx of posts here past few months with bad grammar and lots of emoticons too.
Good for them but I honestly don't think this is the right place to do this.
>> No. 10809 ID: e0c78d
File 146658850663.gif - (186.80 KB , 223x200 , 1g0kyQh.gif )

>I don't like it when a Strike Witches community is used to promote a Strike Witches community.
>> No. 10810 ID: 28d659
>Obama reaction image
Did you miss the part with reddit? You also ignored everything but the last sentence and your response is just meme greentext. Communities themselves are all unique, don't just lump them together because they revolve around the same hobby or show. There are reasons why I like Helma as it is, discord/reddit shilling itself is just not one of them. I don't want to be associated with the likes, bloating communities thinking the more is better.
>> No. 10811 ID: c525c5
I have no issue with Discord itself, but yeah gonna have to agree. I thought at first it would be a chill Helma/4chan deal. Then I saw the subreddit in the info. Meh. I posted a bit but Damn there's not a second with an unread message. I actually can't deal.
>> No. 10813 ID: 399815
I enjoy this small knit community.
>> No. 10815 ID: efdc5a

Well, we shouldn't strive to reject new posters, but I agree that there does need to be standards. We need the extra life but the quality could go either way if we're not careful.

Not that I have anything against the discord in particular, I haven't used it.
>> No. 10816 ID: a4dba2
Lets make sure Strike Witches communities never grow, that'll show 'em!!
>> No. 10817 ID: 3e5fc6

Generally I like to give posters as much freedom as possible, but if the board quality takes a massive nose dive (like, gaia online tier) and people get upset then I'll clamp down.

Right now I think it's fine. Though I can see there's a bit of unrest brewing.
>> No. 10818 ID: 399815
>> No. 10819 ID: f40184

I didn't miss any of it. Helma and the Discord chat are both publicly open. There is no good reason to conceal them. Telling people they shouldn't cross-promote and cross-pollinate because you're afraid it will result in new people posting things that don't meet your own aspie standards is juvenile. If you have to have a hugbox go start your own site. Insisting that this one should try to be a wallflower so that you can be comfortable is laughable.
>> No. 10820 ID: 989c29
Reddit pretty much is relatable to being the Gaia online 2.0 iteration of modern days.
>> No. 10978 ID: 5c0246
File 146828703192.jpg - (126.86 KB , 680x680 , 7654556764h143.jpg )
The invite has expired and if there's a way to search groups from the Discord client, I'm not seeing it. Is the group still there?
>> No. 14925 ID: 94a560

Same here

Also, I apologize for resurrecting this. I wish to join, if the group is still active that is.
>> No. 14958 ID: 1aac6d
File 158028665424.png - (161.69 KB , 512x512 , World Witches Discord.png )
I know this is fairly late, but I do not check Helma.us too often these days.
But yes the group is 100% alive and well!

If you wish to join, please use this new link:
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